Stand By.

October 13, 2011

Just ordered the 1st women’s T-shirt.  Once I get it and make sure it’s all gravy, I’ll make it available in the store.  Stand by.


Meditate on this.

Yeah. That's a 15kg. plate surrounded by 5kg. training plates.


Check out the video in the workout section below.  Let me know if you would like to see more videos of just stuff that I do in training, not necessarily PRs.  It was fun to make and kind of helpful at the same time.


8 Responses to “Stand By.”

  1. Excited about the shirt. That pic makes my head hurt.

  2. MOAR VIDEOS. Also this…


  3. Cameron said

    That bar would have been legit if those were all 7.5 kilo plates.

  4. Daniel said

    Standing by

    • bclaridad said

      X-wings or Y-wings? I always thought the land cruisers from planet hoth looked the coolest.

      • Daniel said

        The y-wing always looked like it was super fragile, and I love x-wings, but the v-wing from rogue squadron 64 is my all time favorite.
        Probably had something to do with the cluster missles.

        Time to dust off the n64!

  5. TRMay said

    B-Wing all day.

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