Workouts Oct/17-22.

October 17, 2011


Today was a lighter day.  My lifts felt good.  I was doing everything right.  There was just nothing behind them.  I could feel that while I was warming up today.  So I did the smart thing and did a lot of stretching, a lot of band work and kept the lifts light.  I basically just played with lighter weights doing sets of 3 to 5 until I started to loosen up.  I even finished up with some light conditioning.  Tonight felt better.  I was able to snatch up to 120 with little difficulty.  I still chose to not push it and finished up with some light squats.  I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything by taking it easy today.  This may just end up being a lighter week.  I feel like I’m due for one.  But even if it is lighter on the volume and the intensity, I’m still going to take up both lifts for a single on Friday.  I’m pretty confident that I’ll feel better as the week progresses.

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