More Bruch.

October 18, 2011

Channel your inner Ricky Bruch and shout loudly when you lift things.

Motivational post for the month.

I know I’ve posted this video on here before.  And I’m most likely going to do it again because I will never NOT get amped after watching this video.

9 Responses to “More Bruch.”

  1. Hahahaha. One thing I am good at is shouting loudly when I lift things.

    • bclaridad said

      Are you also good at shouting loudly when you are not lifting things? Just kidding. I was FB stalking you the other day and saw the video where you were really excited about your athlete’s PR.

  2. That sketching should be a shirt. That’s rad.

  3. Joshua Cline said

    Iv been doing Mass Made Simple. Im on the last week now. It sucks, but last friday I was doing a set to 50 with 185. I was screaming on every rep after 20. My neighbor came over to check on me cuz she said she was worried that I had dropped some weight on myself. Then she said, what kind of music is this. I said
    “Its a doom sludge band called Iron Monkey” she said “Whatever” and left

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