October 25, 2011

Just watch.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Had the camera veered slightly to the right, you would have seen me freaking out and hitting the wall out of excitement.  I had coffee in hand but luckily decided to set it down before the attempt.  The arm flailing would’ve surely ended up in disaster.  But seriously, you know what that is?  That is max effort.  That is getting AFTER it.  That is fearlessness.  That is a serious disregard for anything else besides the task at hand.  I could point out the exact moment where myself and most other lifters would’ve let go.  But she decides to hang on and even begins to STAND UP.

CC is a self-described gamer (sorry guys, not the online SC2/MW2 type of gamer).  But rather, she is a playmaker.  She is gifted with the ability to be able to perform under pressure.  When it comes down to the final moments and something really matters, she can make things happen.

I know that in the end, she missed it.  But she kept holding on when others would have given up.  Whether she chooses to continue the pursuit of lifting is irrelevant.  I am confident that her character will set her apart from the rest no matter what she chooses to do.

Anyways, she broke 2 JR PWA records (for the snatch and total).  This lift would have tied the clean and jerk record.  I’ll post the full video of all her attempts tomorrow but here is her last snatch attempt at 66.

10 Responses to “Gamer.”

  1. she is pure Awesomeness.

  2. There you go again reading my mind. I told Renee Lee that I was going to write an emo post on Facebook about not giving up on a lift. Yesterday, I power snatched 55 kg after hitting 53 kg as a power snatch PR. I knew I had pressed out 55, and I started to go forward, but I chased it off the platform to save it anyway. One thing (of many) that I have learned from working with Jim Moser is to never give up on a lift. So, I already had that thought in my head yesterday, and then I saw a video of Renee Lee hitting a 50 kg snatch over the weekend. She totally pressed out but somehow saved it even though it was balanced over her head with bent arms. She still stood that thing up. It was really cool. And, then I saw CC’s video.

    The thing is, you never know if you are going to make or miss a lift. I don’t want to get in the habit of giving up on a lift and then one day be on the platform and give up on a lift that I could have made if I had just had the (figurative) balls to stick with it for an extra second.

    This video was pretty awesome.

    And, I bought one of CC’s special shirts.

  3. crossfitmonterey said

    I seriously had trouble holding the camera still I was so fucking excited.

  4. kecks said

    cc rulez.

  5. Cliff Dyer said

    Here’s the other angle on that Clean and Jerk you were looking for, with you (Ben) in the background, punching walls.

  6. Andrew M said

    Cal Strength has video of the lift with your arm flailing, Ben:

    So I was in Cali a few weeks back, but I ended up at United BB one Saturday and must have missed you the next when I was at Cal Strength. I should be back out there early next year, though, so hopefully I’ll see you then.

    Keep up the lifting/writing/drawing, and nice work to CC.

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