An Athlete’s Perspective.

October 26, 2011

I could go on and on about the meet this past weekend.  But you know what?  That would be BORING because I didn’t lift.  I didn’t break any JR PWA records (in fact, the only record I’ve ever broken is Little Richard’s Greatest Hit’s. And that was from listening it it so often.)  I mean, what would I write?  “Yeah, I PR’ed in counting attempts.”  So during practice yesterday, I asked CC if she would write something.  I felt kind of guilty about it because lifting aside, CC takes a full course load and is midway through volleyball season.  So it’s not like she has a lot of time in between practices and classes.  But, she graciously agreed.  So here we go.  An athlete’s perspective on game day.

Beastin' 66kg.

Its lift day and I’m about to start my warm ups.   It is time to trust my technique and just go for it.  Not much thinking involved, but visualizing success.  No nerves, only excitement.  Snatch warm up felt money. 3 for 3, BAM! I broke my previous record of 64 with 66kg. I was pretty stoked! Only 7 months of training and here I am breaking records, dang. I wanted a fourth attempt I was feeling so good. Unfortunately, you only get three. Haha. So, I took a break and munched on an almond snickers bar (amazing by the way, highly recommend).  Then, time for clean and jerk.  Warm ups felt solid too, adrenaline was flowing. Took 80 in the back.  Solid opener with 78.  2nd attempt, 82 white lights.  Ben asks if I want 84 or 85. I’m thinking 85 because it’s the current Jr. record.  So I say, “How `bout 86, break the record?” Ben looks at me, pauses, shakes his head and says “No.” Haha shoot, wishful thinking. 85 it is.  I cleaned it really well.  Confident in my jerk, I take a deep breath, slow dip and put it behind my ears.  For a split second I thought I stuck it.  Obviously, I was a little out in front because my back foot slipped just a tad and I lunge forward, bar still overhead! I try and save it and stand back up with it. Epic fail! 85 would have been a PR! Close, but no cigar.  Little did I know, I also broke the Jr. total record with 148.  But I couldn’t have done it without Ben by my side, can’t thank him enough. So we celebrated with In and Out. Yum! Fun and successful day! I’m excited to see what weightlifting brings me next!

I couldn’t NOT use this song.  It actually kind of goes well with the lifts.

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