Workouts 10/24-10/27

October 26, 2011

This week’s training has actually been pretty decent so far.  I feel like my numbers are slowly and surely coming back up (my snatches more so than my cleans).  But there is measurable progress.  My bodyweight is also going down little by little.  I’m taking my diet a little more seriously and getting plenty of water.

Monday AM

Snatched and cleaned off of the low blocks:  I think I hit something like 120 and 140.

I forgot anything else I did.

Monday PM

Snatched and cleaned off of the blocks: This time I went off of knee height, doing 1 pull and then one snatch/clean for both lifts.  I hit a nice 130/150.

Attempted to Front Squat: did not get very far.



Tuesday PM

I started off with power snatches but in the heat of battle with Alex Lee, I started cheating and going into the hole at about 115.  Alex successfully power snatched 120 after I full snatched it.  We went back down to 70 and worked back up with the 1 pull, 1 snatch format.  I pulled out with the victory at 126.

Power cleans:  These did not go so well.  My shoulders would just NOT loosen up.  I spent the rest of the time front squatting between 100-130kg. and working on my shoulder mobility.

Wednesday AM

This was probably my most productive session so far.

Snatch pulls off the blocks:  I worked up to 160 doing sets of 3.

Cleans off the blocks:  I loosened up with 50 for like 20 minutes.  Tom assised with my shoulder mobility by pushing up my elbows while I held the weight.  This is probably the most painful stretch but also the most effective for rack mobility.  I worked up to 130 doing sets of 3.  Then singles at 140, 150 and 160.  160 ties my PR from the blocks so I was happy.

Wednesday PM

Hang Snatch:  Hit 130 a few times.  Took a couple of attempts at 140.  These felt pretty damn good.

Clean and jerks:  These did not feel good at all.  We made it up to 130, decided to start all over again. and then made it up to 130 again.

Front squats:  Made 160.  Missed 170.  I feel like everything is slowly but surely coming back up.  Everything except front squats.

Thursday PM

I was pretty happy with this workout.

Power snatch:  Hit a nice 110.  Took a few more but none of them were a definite power snatch.

Power clean power jerk:  Hit a really nice 140.  Missed a couple at 151.

Friday AM

I actually felt pretty good despite the lack of sleep from the night before.

I played it like a regular Friday morning even though on this particular week I knew I might possibly want to go hard on Saturday instead.  Some peeps from the Sports Palace are coming up tomorrow and training at HF headquarters.

Snatched a nice and easy 120.  Clean and jerked an easy 140.

Friday PM

Snatched a decent 130 and went up and down a few times but never hitting more than 130 again.  Clean and jerks felt solid but I could tell that my head just wan’t in it.  Alex and I decided to save our legs for tomorrow.

Saturday PM

Got some dece’ squats in.  Warmed up by snatching to 130.  Then Alex and I squatted up to 200kg. for triples.  Alex got 210.  Then we worked back up from 100kg. doing sets of 5.  100,140,160,170,180.  Dece.  Big Brian Wilhelm was there hitting some snatches and cleans off the blocks.  Dude is  huge.


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