Stand By.

October 13, 2011

Just ordered the 1st women’s T-shirt.  Once I get it and make sure it’s all gravy, I’ll make it available in the store.  Stand by.


Meditate on this.

Yeah. That's a 15kg. plate surrounded by 5kg. training plates.


Check out the video in the workout section below.  Let me know if you would like to see more videos of just stuff that I do in training, not necessarily PRs.  It was fun to make and kind of helpful at the same time.


Workouts 10/10-10/15

October 11, 2011


Snatch: hit a nice 120.  Took a few drop sets.

Light Clean and jerk.

Band steps and GHRs.



Clean and jerk:  2 cleans, 1 jerk up to 120.  Clean and jerk 130.  Missed a 140 and took a few light sets.  My back was still pretty smoked from Saturday.

Squats:  Sets of 5 up to 160.  Felt kind of heavy but not too painful.

Pull ups and then got a FAT lat/bicep pump while listening to epic soundtrack music.


power snatch and cleans:  100×4/130×1.

Press:  hit a nice 110 and took a few light sets.

finished up with a pretty standard BB complex.

Rack Mobility.


I actually had a pretty decent day in the gym for it being midweek.  Luckily, I caught a lot of it on tape.  Special guest Alex Lee came by for the second session along with my boss/bro/training partner Camilo.  (But I was running low on batteries, so we didn’t get to film any of his lifts.  My bad, bro.)


Snatch:  Took it up to my heaviest set of 4 off the blocks.  I made it to 110 pretty easily.  But pooped out after the 2nd rep at 120.

Cleans:  Off the blocks.  Took it up to a heavy set of 3.  Made it to 140kg.  Then Sarah and I filmed some video of Mark Bell showing us how to box squat.  Hmm . . . Good thing I wore my Pacman shirt and short shorts that day.


Alex Lee stopped by for a surprise visit.  He was a resident athlete at the OTC for a while.  His claim to fame is that he once snatched 150 off the blocks as a super.  But then he had to drop to a 94kg lifter and now he’s working his way back to getting stronger.  I think he would be a pretty solid 105 with a few extra kilos of yoke.

Snatch:  We decided to work up to a single off the ground but both of our backs were smoked, so we didn’t make it very heavy.  I think I made it to 115 and he made it to 110.  Then we decided to go down and work back up off the blocks.  I made it to 120 for a single and I think he got to 115.

Cleans off the blocks:  I knew I was good for more that morning so I at least wanted to make it to a single at 150.  I did.  But then I had a pretty awesome clark at 155.

Squats:  At this point I was mentally done,  But Alex insisted that we “get yoked, bro.”  So I managed to take it up to a single at 200.  Then The plan was to take a drop set of 10 at 150.  I went apeshit after the 10 reps and decided to hit a set of 20 which felt really awesome.  I haven’t done a set of 20 in years but I think the most I ever got to was 170kg.  Then the week after that, I made 16 reps at 180.  Anyways, maybe I’ll start doing it more often just to mix things up a little bit more.

Dips:  I did HELLA dips.


We broke up the monotony a bit and practiced snatches with no hook grip and without moving the feet (the feet start in the landing position).  I actually feel like these helped my positioning throughout the lift as it forced you to do everything right for the duration of the lift.  It really made me appreciate the simple things . . . like straps.  I worked up and down doing doubles.  The heaviest I could make was 100kg. for 2.

It was at this point that we should have stopped.  But we kept going.  I power cleaned real light.  Then we did snatch grip push presses up to like 160.  Then, like idiots we did heavy clean pulls off the blocks for sets of 4.


This week was a pretty solid week of training for me.  I feel good about all the work I did and was excited about the possibility of putting up some big numbers this afternoon.  It didn’t happen.  But you know what?  I’m not even mad.  The positions were all there, my lifts felt solid, I was just fatigued.  And even despite that, I feel like my squats are coming back in a major way.

So this morning I snatched up to 130, took a few drop sets and then called it.  I clean and jerked up to 140, worked on my shoulders and then bounced, excited to train in the afternoon.


I ended up only snatching 120 this afternoon.  But it felt great.  My hips are coming through really nicely and I’m landing solid.  I went up and down probably about 3 times and by the 5th or 6th crack at 130, I figured that I was just smoked.

Same story with clean and jerks.  I warmed up.  Everything felt good, but the heavy weights just weren’t there.

My squats felt really good as well.  I singled up to 220kg.  And then took a set of 10 at 170.  And honestly it was pretty easy.  I could’ve kept going but decided to quit while I was ahead.

I’ve gotta take some writing proficiency test tomorrow, so I don’t know if I’ll have a chance to train.  Pff!  Don’t they know I write in a blog??


Squats:  Worked up to 180kg. doing sets of 5.  Felt pretty good for being on tired legs.

Bench press:  Sarah wants to start benching once a week so we decided to get yoked.  I didn’t follow any set or rep scheme.  I just benched, added weight and benched some more.


Power or No Power!!??

October 11, 2011

It’s that time again.  Actually after looking at the video, it looks like the hip crease passes below the knee.  But I will say that this was her second attempt at that weight and I’m almost positive she hit the one before it above parallel.  It looked like one of those “bro cleans” where the feet split super wide, but above parallel nonetheless.

Candidate #2.

October 10, 2011

I did some more sketching for the women’s shirts tonight.  I kinda like this one.

Candidate #2.

What do you think, ladies?  Shirt worthy?  I’ll continue with the sketches for the rest of the week unless I get a really good response with this one.


Nick Horton wrote a really great post about Steve Jobs quotes and how they can be applied to weightlifting.  I suggest you check it out HERE.  


October 9, 2011

Ladies, I’ve been hard at work on drawing up a design for your shirt.  I’ve got a few drawings that are possible candidates but I’m going to continue with the gesture drawing sessions every night for the rest of the week.  Heck, maybe I’ll even throw some Bailey’s into my coffee for some extra inspiration.  So when you buy one of my shirts, you’ll know that you’re supporting my alcoholism as well (joking).  Anyways . . .

Here’s a look at what I’m doing.

Candidate #1.

They haven’t all just been pulling either.  Some are dropping underneath a snatch,  some are sitting at rock bottom, some recovering out of a jerk.  I’ll be posting a few more throughout the week.

But in the meantime, the T-SHIRT STORE is up and running.  Check out the link at the top of the page.  I’ve got a few different shirts for sale right now (even a zombie comic one!).  Please stop by and check those out.  Every dollar earned goes towards weightlifting travel expenses so you can look good and feel good in your new shirt.  Here’s a quick look at what you’ll be supporting.

here’s CC’s first 6 months of weightlifting.  She’s getting ready for JR Nationals.

Beta Testing.

October 5, 2011


"Oh, these?"

This was the 1st shirt design.  After ordering this one, I realized that I thought the white box around the gesture drawing looked stupid.  So I asked Justin how he fixed the problem and then I sent it off to my graphic design person (yeah, Hollywood Ben has a person for that) so that it could be fixed.  We were also thinking of doing a logo for the back.  But after seeing what the plain script looked like in person, it’s kind of growing on me.  I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.

Eyes up, buddy. It's ABOVE my lats.

I put this particular design on a nice tri-blend fitted shirt.  I understand that a lot of you guys are too manly to wear the softer, lighter fabric, so I’ll have one on the good ol’ heavyweight cotton and one on the tri-blend.

Also, women’s shirts are in the works as well.  I’m sure you don’t want a women’s shirt with some dude on it, so I’m working on drawing up a badass women’s design.  Also, is it sexist to put the script on the lower back of the shirt instead of the shoulders?  I talked to a few girls about it and they said it would be “cute.”

So, I totally went to the gym in my shirt today.  At first I felt really cool but then I started to feel like the guy who’s in a band who wears his own merch (If you are in a band, do not do this!!).  But then I decided that I don’t care because I think it looks cool and I’m proud of actually being close to finishing an art project for once.

Anyways, shirt store should be up by the end of the week.  Help a guy out and buy one, jerk.

Workouts 10/3-10/8

October 4, 2011

Monday (AM)

Hang snatch x3’s- worked up to 110kg.

Cleans off the blocks: 130×3, 140×1

Snatch pulls off the blocks: x4 up to 140kg.

Rack holds


Band work for glutes



Monday (PM)

snatch, hang snatch: worked upto 120, missed 225kg and then up to 20 again.

Front squats: x3’s up to 140, 150×1, 160×1.

Presses: 110, then x5’s up to 80kg.

Close grip bench


Mobility, bro.


I usually would have a lighter power variation day.  But instead, CC and I traveled to Crossfit Solano to catch a workout with Jasha Faye.  He’s a coach who’s opinion I really respect and it’s always helpful having another pair of eyes on you.  We took up our Clean and jerks.  I played around at 335lbs.  for a while and then took a few more at 315.


Snatch pulls:  x4’s up to 120kg.  3×2 at 130.

Power clean and jerks:  hit 130 a few times.



Reverse hypers

Calf raises, bro.


Snatch: hit 120 a few times.

Clean pulls:  Worked up to 150 doing sets of 5.  This was not fun and was very difficult.


I basically took this day off.  Those pulls fucked up my life more than expected.


Warm up workout:  Snatched 120, cleaned 140.


Snatch:  Worked up to 130, missed 35.  Went down to 100 and up to 130 again.

After this my back tightened up and I thought I was having a back spasm.  It eventually worked itself out after I tested out a few back squats.

Clean and jerk:  Worked up to 160, missed it.  Took 140, 150 and then crushed 160.  It felt good.


Front Squat: took it up to 170kg.  My knees are feeling a lot better.

Hang snatch:  took it up to 120.  Made 3 out of 5.

Clean pulls:  Worked up to 160 for sets of 4.  These looked better then my sets of 5 at 150.


Last week I talked about how I think weightlifting would be more popular in America if it were more attractive to big, strong, muscular guys.  Obviously Big, strong, muscular guys want to work out in ways that get you BIGGER, STRONGER, and more MUSCULAR.  And for those purposes, bodybuilding and powerlifting principles work the best.  But if you’ve been weightlifting for a while, then you know that when combined with general strengthening principles, Olympic Weightlifting can be used to attain JAKK.  But sadly, the perception of weightlifters is that we walk around with our PVC pipes flogging technique and practicing snatch balances for an hour and a half.  And while it’s true that the best weightlifters must have the best technique it is also true that they are fucking strong.  Here is a short list of the most jacked, most ripped, most swole weightlifters of all time.


When you think heavyweight, you probably think of guys like this.

Rezazadeh. Being huge.

But just because you’re a heavyweight doesn’t mean you have to wear size 47 stretchy waist sweat pants.

"The Piz." Maximal JAKK.

One of the leanest, most muscular heavyweights of all time, Anatoly Pisarenko.

And let’s not forget.

Chgishev has got arms chiseled out of granite.

My personal favorite, Evgeny Chigishev hittin’ a dece’ most muscular.

And finally, the Dimitry’s.

Laprikov. +1 for headband.

Razazadeh, NOT JACKED. Russians, JACKED.



I could’ve picked any member of the Chinese national team.  These guys do a lot of general strengthening work and it shows in their muscled physiques.

69kg. of YOKE.

Chinese team, JACKED.


I’m not entirely sure who this guy is . . . but he’s Jacked!

Take a look at those getaway sticks.

This guy, JACKED!


I’m going to finish of my short list with an American.  A champion weightlifter AND bodybuilder.  I’m talking about Tommy Kono.

"Oh, these?"

Lat spread fosho.

Tommy Kono, JACKED.

There you have it.  Weightlifters are jacked.  If you can think of any more, post they’re name and/or picture in the comments section.