Workouts 10/31-11/5

November 1, 2011

Monday AM

Snatched and cleaned off the blocks:  Kept the weights lightish.  Hit like 120 and 140.

Snatch grip RDL:  Sets of 5 up to 150.  3 at 165.

F. Squat:  Went up to 160 with minimal pain.

Monday PM

Snatch balance:  Hit a double at 140kg.

Clean and jerks:  these turned into power because my knees hurt.  I went up and down hitting no more than 140 a few times.

Clean pulls:  sets of 3 up to 190.  2×3 at 190.

box squats:  What am I going to do? Not squat?  Got a good amount of volume done with a cambered bar on a low box.  No pain at all on the knees.

Reverse hypers: 2×15

Tuesday PM

Felt pretty wrecked from the day before.  Got a good amount of mobility work done in the morning as well as after this workout.

Power snatch: hit a nice 110.  Hit 115 but sunk down into the hole.  So I guess it was a nice snatch.

Power clean and jerk:  Went up to 120, then started over and hit three more at 130.  Dece.


I got waaay busy this past week and neglected to record any of my workouts which is a shame because I had some pretty dece’ sessions.  The Friday PM session will forever be referred to as “The Electric Session”  (because of the electric intensity that permeated throughout the gym).  I hit a nice 140 snatch (the 1st time in training in a LONG time) and cleaned 160 so I was happy.

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