Nice Shirt, Bro.

November 3, 2011

This is Cam.  He likes to party.

Cam just set a PR . . . in being good looking.

Seriously, thank you everyone for all the support.

If you bought a shirt, post a video or pic of you doing something awesome in it in the comments section (things like PRing in Clean and jerk, drinking milk/beer, getting a sick pump off of some bicep curls, etc).  I will pick one, draw it and post it.

3 Responses to “Nice Shirt, Bro.”

  1. I wore my shirt today, as you know. And, I front squatted 90 kg, which was a PR. But, I had my backwards polo shirt on OVER your shirt because I always wear that for front squats and cleans due to that horrible hole I had in my neck for months. I think it should count anyway. It was a fairly epic PR where I think I almost broke myself in half.

    I took a pic in the shirt before hitting that PR, though. I suck at html, so if I am lucky, it will show up:

  2. Cameron said

    Goal #1 for this year is done!

    Now for that bw snatch…

    Tamara- i think you should repeat that fs with a really colorful scarf instead of a backwards polo. That should do the trick.

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