Workouts Week of 11/13-11/19.

November 14, 2011

Here’s a quick one min sketch of Ol’ Blue Eyes.

"It's clobberin' time!"


Bent over rows: 3×10 at 100kg.

Straight leg DL: 3×8 at 110.

Good mornings: 2×8.

Reverse hypers:3×10

Prowler sprints.


Snatch pull, snatch:  Worked up to 120, went down to 90 and back up to 120 again.

Light Pwr Cleans: took a few at 130.

Reverse Hypers: 3×12.


Snatch: 130,120,130,100,120.

Clean and jerks: 140.  Missed 150.

F. Squat: worked up to 160 for 1.

Light conditioning.


Really good session for how shitty I’ve been feeling.

Power snatch:  I told Alex that if I power snatched 125, I would become his coach and make him perform lat-pulldowns and tricep extensions for every workout.  I hit one 120 but it was borderline.  I decided to go for 25 anyways but rode it down into the hole.

Power clean and jerk: 140kg.

Front Squat: 170kg.  with less pain than the day before.  It’s coming back!

Bench press: 150kg.

Glute-ham raises:  3×10 with Mark Bell poking fun at me for being a weightlifter but doing a non-barbell movement.


Still groggy from the night before, I still had a pretty good session.

Snatched 120.

Clean and jerk a nice 140.

Front squatted 170.

Back ext.


Snatched 120.

Clean, clean and jerk: started at a hundo and worked up with 10kg. jumps.  Made it to 140.


Power snatched a nice 110. Worked down and up a few more times, hitting a 120 but riding it down.

Power clean and push jerked up to 130.

Finished up with clean,  pushpress x3: important note: very helpful for shitty rack position! worked up to 120 but missed my last rep.


Light both lifts.


Cal ST day.  Had the best session in months.  I ended up snatching 140 twice but I think I must have took like 7 attempts at 140+.

Clean and Jerks: Took 4 attempts at 170.  Cleaned 3 but missed all the jerks.  That’s more attempts at 170 than in the past 4 months combined.


I have a workshop at Crossfit Davis today. Then afterwards, we’re having a ping pong tournament/fundraiser for CC at my gym!


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