Sweet Christmas!

November 15, 2011

I’m sick as a dog. I just took some Nyquil and there’s no god damn way I’m going to be able to write anything intelligent or funny tonight.  I’m watching this shitty TV show on Netflix, Vampire Diaries.  Spoiler alert: it’s terrible.  It’s like vampires combined with a shitty teenage melodrama portrayed by people who obviously aren’t teenagers.

Here’s another quick sketch.  It’s a self-portrait I did back when I looked halfway decent.

"Holy comic book references, Batman!"

“Sweet Christmas!” is a reference to one of my favorite Marvel heroes, Luke Cage.  In recent year’s, Marvel rebooted him, giving Luke a less flamboyant look.  He is sometimes seen wearing a snug fitting longshoreman beanie, something which I have adopted into my winter wardrobe the last few seasons in an attempt to emulate him.  Given that he is indestructible and has super strength, I figured he’s be as good a hero as any to try to emulate.

2 Responses to “Sweet Christmas!”

  1. try Breaking Bad, or the Walking Dead…. Those will keep you amused for days. Hope ya feel better.

  2. Daniel said

    Feel better dude.
    Can you bust out the N64?

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