Good Grief.

November 17, 2011

Here’s video from last Friday at CS.

My God, I’ve gotten fat.  Speaking of fat.  I’m like 245 in this video.  I’m like 240 right now.  And I need to be 232 in like 2 weeks.  No biggie.  I can do it.  Back when I was wrestling I once lost 15lbs in the span of a 5 days.  I literally drank one shot the night after the meet and was drunk the rest of the night.

Anyways, diet has already been cleaned up.  I hope to take off most of what I need to before I get the AO and then the last little bit will come off during the travel.  Oh right, Happy Thanksgiving.  Good Grief.

2 Responses to “Good Grief.”

  1. kincain said

    do you have a competition coming up, for which you have to make weight?

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