November 19, 2011

I’ve said it before, I’m one of those people that look for meaning in whatever it is that they’re doing.  If I wasn’t going 100% on weightlifting and coaching and art stuff then I’d find something else to go 100% on.  And I can assure you that even if I had to make the choice to go a different route, it still wouldn’t be anything that I could make any decent money on.  Lately it seems that every decision I make costs me a few hundred dollers in some way or another.  But at least I got this next meet.  And the next one.  And the next one.  Until I can’t compete anymore.

I just bought my plane ticket for the American Open.

I’m pretty certain that I’m going back to school next semester.

I’m broke and lost but I’m strong and happy.

I was talking with my little brother about something a few months ago (I forget what it was but it’s not important) and I told him that I was good at two things: lifting weights and making poor decisions.  We laughed.  Here’s to living irresponsibly.

I did a workshop at Crossfit Davis this morning.  I had a blast.  Big thanks to all my CFD homies for having me, I always enjoy making the trip over there.  Here’s some video from today.

6 Responses to “Irresponsible.”

  1. Tamara Cohen said

    Get excited. You get to hang out with me at the American Open. Even if you’re broke, there will be glitter.

  2. Joshua Cline said

    You should go back to school. It’s not too late to join me in the Jackd male nurse club. Chicks a plenty bro…….

    • bclaridad said

      BRO!That WAS the plan. I’m just gonna finish up with my kines stuff. I’ll figure out a real career after that.

      • Joshua Cline said

        BRO! Just do what you want and what makes you happy. I have always done what I want I’m.on my third college go round at 30. still doing what I want. thats what its all about. That and bein faaaluuusssshhh with caaaaaasssshhh.

      • bclaridad said


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