Workouts 11/20-11/27

November 20, 2011


Bench: sets of 5 at 90,100,110,120.

Clean+pushpress: easy singles up to 130.

Bent over Rows/ Lat Pulldowns:  5 @100kg./10×3.  Then 15 reps at 60.

Reverse hypers: 3×10

Glute-Ham Raise: 3×10

Prowler sprints:  1 on the minute for 10 minutes.  About 35-40 yards in total distance with a plate on both poles.


These were not very exciting sessions due to the fact that I was still feeling pretty beat up from Friday.


Power snatched 110, power clean and push jerked 140.



Snatch: 120.

Light power cleans.

Front Squat: Worked up to a single at 160.

Light conditioning.


Snatched 120, this time with no straps (not that it makes a difference anyway).

Cleaned 140 missed the jerk.

Back Squatted 200.


Pretty much just warmed up both the P. snatch and P. Clean and then stopped.  Getting serious for the AO.  I have time for one last heavy day and that’s tomorrow.  Other than that, I have a few more lbs. to take off so I’m not going to go overboard today on the food.


Overall, today was not ideal.  If you saw the CAL ST Ustream (assuming that they got any footage of me), then you saw that I wasn’t on my game.  That’s OK though.  A week out from a big meet, it’s best not to lose your head.  That’s what practice is for: practice.  I still got a few lbs. to lose.  I feel pretty damn lean right now but still more work to do.  I’d rather not get too dehydrated and not able to eat next weekend.  But we’ll see.  I can if I have to.


I was actually pleased with how this day turned out.  I’m feeling better in general due to not over-reaching as much as I have been in practice.  Monday and Wednesday will be the last days that I try to push any decent numbers but volume will be cut down considerably.

F. Squat: 170×1.

Snatch: 120.

Clean and jerk: 140. finished up with some power clean+push press at 110.



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