The AO

December 4, 2011

What up.  Just lifted at the AO.  Didn’t do so hot.  Way off of what I wanted to end off for the year.  It’s all good though.  Anyways,  I’m going to have some food and drink to celebrate.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time on the plane for some real reflection and some thought as to what i want to do this year. Thank you everyone in my wonderful support system.  Whether you know it or not, every kind word (and even some unkind ones) that anyone has ever said to me has helped me continue lifting weights and drawing pretty pictures and expressing myself in general.  Yes, I didn’t have a great day today, but I still love weightlifting and I love you too.  Thanks for being part of my support system.


Gettin’ huge and drawing pictures like my life depended on it.  Fuck yeah.

13 Responses to “The AO”

  1. Derek said

    Hey, stumbled onto your blog through various links from 70’s big. Saw that you live in Midtown and wanted to say hello to someone else who lives in Sacramento.

    I was wondering if you had any recommendations on where to lift in the area. The ‘best’ gym in my area is a 24 hr fitness, and the lack of bumper plates, chalk usage, and dropping heavy weights is hurting my attempts to learn the oly lifts.

    – Derek

    • bclaridad said

      Well Midtown is the best place to train of course! Whereabouts do you live, If it’s too far I know of other places.

      • Derek said

        Gold River. Or Rancho Cordova if you don’t know where that is.

      • bclaridad said

        yeah of course I do. Midtown may be a little bit of a strike for you, but I’d still like to see you come down. I used to work at 4th power fitness and they have open gym hours for cheap if you’re just looking for a good place with chalk and are able to drop weights. That’s a liiitle bit closer to you. If you’re looking for coaching, i know a few people and myself of course. give me your e-mail if you want to talk more.

  2. Cliff Dyer said

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for putting this website up. I enjoy reading your stories and seeing your art. I got one of your shirts a couple weeks ago, and one for my girlfriend. We love them.

    • bclaridad said

      Thanks a lot, Cliff. I really appreciate it. I’ll get on putting up the lady design on a men’s shirt when I get home. Glad you like the shirts and the site. Happy lifting!

  3. Cliff Dyer said

    Also, if you had the lady weighlifter shirt in men’s styles, I’d totally buy one.

  4. Paul said

    Just hit up a green hoodie, gonna catch a fucking sweet pump in it when it arrives. Probably using gallons of milk as dumbbells.

  5. Paul said

    In the meantime. Listen to this choon and PR your snatch tomorrow.



    Hey, maybe you didn’t have the meet that you wanted to have, but you still love weightlifting. I love weightlifting too. FYI.

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