Workouts: Dec 19-24.

December 20, 2011

Back in the game!  Rocky IV soundtrack commence!

Actually, I sort of started back last week.  I’m putting myself on a nice, long squat program to get my legs back.  If you remember, I did the same thing last year with this idiotic squat program that I made up.  But despite that, I still made plenty of progress with my front squats which initially hindered my progress with the lifts but I believe helped me later into the year.  There was a point mid-summer when I believe that my strength peaked due to the decreased number of squatting days but increased frequency of practicing the lifts.  But unfortunately, I got in this mode of thinking that the more of the same is what I needed.  As the year came to an end, my squat strength dwindled as well as with the lifts.  My body can only do so much, and I feel that this year I’ll do better with being patient with my planning and worry more about what will benefit me in the long term.  As of now, I’m still up in the air about the meet in march, but will lift as if I’m planning to go to that one.

Last week I squatted 3×10 at 140 on Monday, F.S. 3×1 at 140 on Wednesday and B.S. 5×5 at 160 on Friday.

Monday AM

B. Squat: 3×8 at 160.

Snatch HP/hang snatch: light.

Power clean and push press: worked up to 130kg.

Monday PM

Clean x3, jerk x1: Started at 100kg. and went up doing 5kg jumps every set.  Nope, no shame here.  There are too many people who are better than you at weightlifting to carry too much pride.  I was just interested in getting a good amount of reps in.  Made it to 130 before I failed.  So in total I think that’s 21 cleans so I was satisfied.

Snatch pull with a 2 inch deficit:  3×3 at 120.  So tired afterwards.

Tuesday AM

Power snatch x3:  worked up to a hundo and did 3×3 there.  I went into the hole for the last rep of every set.  Just ain’t got no damn legs.

Power clean+push jerk: worked up to 130.  I was pretty happy with that.

Prowler sprints: 1 on the minute for 10 minutes.  Our track is about 20-25 yards in length so I think it’d be safe to say one trip is 40 yards.  Came back on the low handles.  Used 55lbs on each pin.


Front Squat: 3×3 at 140.  Did I mention that I’m doing that whole “no belt” thing again?

Snatch pulls: 3×2 at 120.  It felt HEAVY.

light clean and jerks to work on mobility.

I finally hit 20 strict pull-ups again.  After I got back from the AO, I started doing just one set per day 2-3 days per week.  I started at 8 reps and added 2 reps every day I did it.  This would be followed by bent rows and lat pull-downs.  I think I’ll start back over again at 10 and work up to 22.


Lots of reps for my cleans.

First I worked up to 130 from the low blocks doing doubles.  Then I went back down to 100, put on a belt and worked back up to 130.

Then I did clean pulls for sets of 4 from the low blocks.  I did these primarily as a way to start touching some heavy weights again.  The low blocks obviously make it a lot easier so I worked up to 180 doing sets of 4.

Then I finished up with some clean, hang clean+jerk at light weight.


This day was kind of a shit show.  I snatched 70kg a few times.  Then push pressed 90 for a set of 5.  I think I was just hurting from the day before.  I finished up with my same standard prowler workout except I used the same weight as CC.  She was kind enough to not make fun of me.


This was a pretty good workout.  I back squatted 180kg for 5×5 with no belt.  Each set felt easier then the last.  Then I snatched 130 and power cleaned 130.  My hip was kind of achy so I didn’t want to push it.  Finished up with my same pull-up workout except I started back at 10 and then finished up with some abs and rows.


Merry Christmas Clean Pulls:  2×5 at 190.

Light power cleans

Bench: PR set of 5 at 135kg.

Prowler workout except only 5 mins instead of 10.



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