Workouts Dec 26-Dec 31.

December 26, 2011


Back Squat: 3×6 with 190 with no belt.  I was working REALLY hard for these.  I had to fight for every rep and felt proud of what I had done afterwards.  You’ll notice that my Monday BS days have been getting less volume, while my Wednesday FS days have been getting more volume.  I may have to add in the belt at some point soon to assure that I don’t miss any reps.  But I’m going to hold out for as long as I can.

Light snatch

Light power cleans

12 reps on day 2 of strict pull-up routine 2nd cycle.

BO rows and stuff.


Snatch:  doubles up to 120.  A nice single at 130.

Cleans off the blocks:  triples up to 130.  A single at 140.

Pull/reverse pull: No-belt.  Doubles up to 170.

Spotted Sarah on some bench.  She’s making some pretty good progress.  I may be trying my hand at coaching for powerlifting training at some point.  CC is also getting stronger.  She backsquatted 100 for 5×5 the other day and also did 115 for a set of 5.  Squatting volume and frequency will be decreasing for her as she is getting ready for JR Nationals at the end of January.


Light power snatch

Power clean/Push press x5: Catch a pump.

Rack walkouts:  loaded up 2 hundo.  Held it for 20 seconds.

Prowler workout: standard.  1 on the minute for 10 minutes.  High handles.  45lb plates.


Front squats:  This was my most challenging squat workout so far this time around.  5 set of 3 at 160.  I warmed up and tried 170 but failed at only the 2nd rep.  So I decided to start ALL the way over.  70, 110, 140, then took 160 for my 1st set of 3.  I grinded out every rep.  No belt.  I was pleased.

Light snatch and power clean+jerk.

One Benbata set of muscle-ups.


Didn’t get much done.  Snatched 120 a few times and it was UUGLY.


Off.  Absolutely wrecked from front squats.


 Back squat: last no belt 5×5 day.  Hit 200kg.  Missed the last rep on 2 sets.  Still pleased.

So tired from squatting.  CC clean and jerked 86 and cleaned 87 which was awesome.


Snatched 120 for 3 singles.  Each one looked better than the last.

Clean and jerked 150.  The most I’ve done in a while.  It felt surprisingly good.  Mobility is better.  Legs are better.  Clean is better.


Clean pull/reverse pull:  Sets of 2 up to 180.

Light power snatch and clean.

12 pull-ups and some BO rows.


Light power clean and push jerk: enough to warm up and get loose.

2 Responses to “Workouts Dec 26-Dec 31.”

  1. Daniel said

    That is awesome that you can handle that shit without a belt. How are you programming your squats? I haven’t taken the time to look through your logs so if you already said it sorry for the repeat in advance!

    • bclaridad said

      M-Back squat. W-Front squat. F-Back squat. I’ve been slowly decreasing the volume on Mondays and increasing on Wednesdays. Fridays have been 5x5s so far but I think I’ll decrease it to 3x5s soon. I’ll continue at this rate for about another month or so and then start over.

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