Workouts Jan 2nd-7th.

January 3, 2012


Back squat (no belt):  It was supposed to be 3×3.  I worked up to 200, hit a nice set there.  Decided to bump to 210. Missed the last rep.  Went down to 140 for 3.  180 for 3. 200 for 3.

I forget what else I did.


Pretty much did nothing.  I did a few sets of Sn Pull/Sn x2 up to 100kg.  But I faded fast after that.  It was my 1st day of 5:30AM sessions for work so I may need a few days to adjust.  Or maybe it was the squats.


Wrecked.  It may be the 13 hours I spent in the gym yesterday.  It may be the squats.  It may be something else.  In any case, wrecked.

Power snatched 90 a few times.  Power clean and push jerked 110 a few times.  Finished up with some push presses.

Standard prowler WOD.  It felt much harder than usual today.


I had planned for 3×5 front squat at 150-160 today.  I’ve been gradually ramping up my volume on front squats the last few weeks and I felt those numbers were in my reach after 5×3 at 160 last week.  However, as you can see this week has NOT been going so well.  What has changed this week?  Is it the 5AM starts?  The prowler workouts?  The long hours at work? Is it that I’m moving into a new place this week?  Fighting off a cold? Are the squats simply catching up to me?  What, if anything, do I need to change?

As far as 5AM starts and long hours are concerned (I was at the gym a total of 13 hours on Monday), that will not change.  I’m going back to school full time this semester which is going to cut into my hours big time, so I need to pick up whatever clients or hours I can get.  So whether I’m at the gym or at school or both, long hours are part of the game so there’s no use crying about it.  Besides, all the greatest athletes used to wake up at 5AM right?

The prowler workouts are a non-factor.  I’ve literally been doing the exact SAME routine for weeks now (and sometimes easier versions of it).  I generally feel better and more healthy when I include conditioning in my workouts so I’m going to continue these for the time being.  Besides, if you’re not breaking records or on the podium, you should probably be doing some sort of conditioning.  Otherwise you’re just fat.

The squatting also will not change.  It is still early in the year.  This is the time where I really need to put an emphasis on getting stronger.  And to me, that means squatting before I do anything else so I can work myself harder than I usually do.  Sure I’ll still be squatting later in the year, but I’ll be doing it after my lifts, probably during my 2nd session and maybe as little as twice a week.  But I’m a big believer in setting myself up for success for later, so squatting will remain a priority for a while.

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to The Arnold in March (mostly for money reasons) but I’m still going to ACT like I am.  I realize that the rest of the year will mostly be dead after that, but I’m not going to a National meet again unless I’ve put in the ground work to set myself up for success.

So, coming back to the question as to what I should do, I have 3 options, all of which include me continuing to push the squats.

1) I stay the course.  I’ve got about 3 weeks left that I’ve planned to decrese the volume and go a little bit heavier.

2) Take next week as a light week.  Pushing to get the numbers goes on pause as I keep the volume the same.

3) Do over!  Start the cycle over again.  Lots of reps maybe a little bit more weight than last time I started.  Maybe even add the belt back in.  I was planning on starting over in a few weeks anyways and considering switching to 2 front squat days and one back squat day.

In any case, I’ve got 3×5 back squat on Friday.

Now onto the workout:

Front squats:  I planned on 3×5 at 150-160ish.  I worked up to 160 doing triples.  Decided to load 170 but missed it after the 2nd rep.  Started over again.  110×3.  140×3.  160×3 then fail.  Started over again.  Failed after my 2nd rep at 160.  Started over again.  Failed at 160.  All in all, I got a bunch of reps in.  But I’m not happy.  Debating doing this over again in the afternoon.

Also CC front squatted 106.  Here’s some video of her doing 2 pulls and 1 clean during her workout.  I’ll write more about this later.

2 clean pulls, 1 clean: This is a really fun exercise and CC did really well at it (I got some great video).  I took these up to 130.

Finished up with some light push jerks from the rack.  I finally felt like I was waking up after these.

5AM start= nap mandatory.


I was NOT satisfied with my front squats that morning.  I decided to go for a much more conservative 3×3 at 150 which still proved to be quite a challenge.

After that I hang snatched for doubles up to 120 and hit 130 for a single.  Dece. I took a few down sets from the floor with no straps up to 110.

I wanted to look good for the day afterwards as I would be visiting a different gym, so I finished up with some jerks from the rack.  I HATE jerks from the rack.  It feels better just to clean the weight up to my shoulders.  I think my best jerk from behind the neck is 190 while it’s only 160 from the front (off the rack.  Obviously I’ve jerked more after cleaning the weight).  But I have been putting a good amount of effort into improving my mobility and my jerk technique and I think it really showed.  I worked up to 160 for a pretty easy single.  Finished up with a few push jerks x3 for the sake of mobility, sometimes pausing during the dip drive to ensure solid position.


I paid a visit to Crossfit Sac Valley.  Awesome gym.  Awesome people.  I wanted to hang out and get a workout in over there as CC and I will be doing some coaching for them on Saturdays for their Olympic lifting class.  I got some power snatches and cleans in.  It actually felt good.  I usually do well in front of new people, but it was nice to have the weights feel kind of decent again.  The weights were nothing significant 110 and 130 (approximately.  They lift in LBs) but I was feeling pretty crisp which is what matters.


Squats:  I wanted 3×5 at around 200.  I ended up doing 3 at 200, 2 or 3 at 205 and 5 at 180.  So I think it is safe to assume that I am beginning to see some negative returns from all my squatting.  Last Friday I did a total of 23 reps at 200 with no belt.  More reps at 200 than I have ever handled before.  And with no belt.  So I am probably still feeling the affects from that.  No biggie.  Next week, I will continue with the squatting with lower volume but with no real numbers in mind.  I’m just going to get what I’m going to get.  2 or 3 more weeks of this before I return to higher volume squatting and possibly some re-organization.

Light snatch and light clean and jerk.

Bent over rows.


I was pressed for time but I did manage to press 130 and clean and jerk 150.  Dece.  Garcia gave me some helpful advice that fixed my clean which made 150 much easier than the previous reps.

Later that night I decided to bench press a bit.  PR single at 155kg.  Felt good for more.  15 reps at 110kg.


Clean pulls: 3×4 at 180. 5 at 140.

Light push press for mobility.

8 Responses to “Workouts Jan 2nd-7th.”

  1. P said

    This is when it counts.

  2. kecks said

    What P said.
    And you’ll adjust. I say keep it up for a while and see what happens. All the stuff you listed is just adding up. You *will* adjust. If you don’t – you can still cut back, but for now see if you can make it work.

  3. Cameron said

    This is totally unrelated to your post:
    I had never heard the term “dece” until reading your blog.
    Heard it again in this video: —

    “D3, I gotta admit, I don’t think I bothered to watch that shit.”

  4. doogie003 said

    Keep on persisting! All the hard work today will make tomorrow easier!

  5. Derek said

    Thanks for letting me drop in on Wednesday.

    Looking forward to some good coaching after I figure my stuff out.

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