Support Donny. Save a Lion.

January 10, 2012

“You gotta pull on that bar like you’re pulling the head off a god damn lion”-Shankle.

One dead lion.

I’ve had the pleasure of being present during a few training sessions where Donny is taking max attempts.  You can feel his silent resolve permeate throughout the room.  It hangs over his audience with such gravity that you can feel the weight of every kilo he’s intent on lifting.  He doesn’t wait for silence.  He could care less who’s paying attention or chalking up or talking on their cell phone.  But I guarantee you, when Donny pulls on that bar, there is not a soul in that room that does not have their eyes glued on him.  He commands it.  And he doesn’t even have to say a word.

Two dead lions.

Donny represents the best that America has to offer and he wants to go to the god damn Olympics.  Help a guy out.  He has a donation button on his BLOG.  I’m even going to donate something and I’m a deadbeat with no money.   But I can draw pictures.

Obligatory Donny youtube video.

This is awesome.

8 Responses to “Support Donny. Save a Lion.”

  1. KevO said

    Haha bossy

  2. Matthew said

    I love the first picture.

  3. Penn said

    Dude I want the first picture uncropped and on a t-shirt with the Donny Quote on the back. The “get adapted” (I assume it’s of Abadjiev?) is also shirt worthy. I dunno if you have to pay every time you get a print made with whatever store you use now but at I think you can throw up as many different designs as you want.

  4. Jb said

    I know this is a old page, but i was wondering if the lion shirts are still being given for donations. Would love a couple of them. I already emailed donny but havent had a response. Thanks for any info.

    • bclaridad said

      What’s up JB.

      To be honest with you, I’m not sure. I finished the image for Donny asking for a free shirt and didn’t ask any questions after that. I’m sure if he’s not selling them now, he’ll probably re-release them in the future.

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