Gamer Part II.

January 16, 2012

Some people compete.  Others crumble.  And some thrive in competition.

CC had a nice little “scrimmage” to get her ready for JR nationals in a couple weeks.  There was a small meet yesterday, primarily meant for high school students.  We talked about it and decided that it was a good opportunity to get on the platform and get in that competition mind-set.  I think my exact words were “this is a scrimmage.  All I care about is making our openers.  63 And 82.  Beyond that, just have fun and treat it like practice.”

That was the plan.

But then I saw her warming up in the back.  She snatched 45 for a set of 3, turned and looked at me and I swear to God the spirit of Pyrros Dimas was in her.  You remember that Ironmind poster with Pyrros Dimas and he’s all jacked and you can see his 6 pack through his singlet and he’s holding up the number 1?


Yeah.  That was her.  Except . . . you know.  A girl version.

New plan.  LET IT ROLL!!  She ended up getting a 69kg. snatch and 86kg. clean and jerk, just barely missing 71 and 87.

Anyways.  She killed it.  We’re both really excited for JR Nationals in a couple weeks.

3 Responses to “Gamer Part II.”

  1. She looks amazing. I can’t wait to see her lift at nationals.

  2. kecks said

    she’ll just kill it at nationals. still competing @63 or 69? anyway wo to go! amazing stuff!

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