Workouts: 1/16-1/21.

January 17, 2012


Back squat (no belt):  Singles this week.  Hit 220.  Most I’ve done with no belt before.  Felt pretty good about it.

Light snatch and clean

18 pull-ups.

Hanging ab routine.


Hang snatch: an ugly 120kg. and a few light sets.

Cleans: 120 for 3×3.  130 for 3.  2 pulls 1 clean at 120, 120, 130.

So tired from squatting.


No hook, no feet snatch (no. no snatch): light to warm up.

Cleans:  60kg. for like a million reps to loosen up.  Once loosened, I moved on to hang cleans.

Hang cleans: 130kg.


“Your overconfidence is your weakness.”-Luke S.

Front squats:  I had a pretty good squat day despite making a couple of really dumb errors.  I no belted up to 180 no problem.  Then, like an idiot, I jumped to 195 despite taking only a 10kg. jump the set before.  I missed it, but it was actually a pretty decent attempt.  In any case, 180 is the most I’ve ever front squatted with no belt before.  Not really a PR, but I’ll take it.  But then, like an idiot, I started all over again with a belt.  I worked up and easily hit 190.  That was where I should have stopped.  Again.  But instead, like an idiot, I took a 15kg. jump to try and get an all time PR, knowing that I was in no position to PR.  I missed.  Go figure.  But I did have fun playing with big boy weights again.


Snatch:  Hit a disgusting 110 and then missed 120.

Cleans:  singled up to 140.  Then did clean pulls 1p to 180 for doubles.  After that, I decided it would be fun to do a benbata set of power cleans at 120.  10 reps. Holler at yer boyee.  Altogether a pretty fun workout.


Deficit Snatch: (see post above).

Power cleans.


Back squat:  No-belted up to 210.  Missed 220.  Next week, I’ll be going back to higher volume.  Possibly doing 2 front squat days, 1 back squat.  Possibly adding back in the belt.

Snatched 120.

Oh yeah, later I did bench press with bands. A set of 3 at 110.  Took off the bands and did 225lbs for a set of 20.


CC’s last heavy sesh before JR nationals.

Snatched up to 130.

Cleaned 140.  Legs just dead.


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