Workouts: 1/23-1/28.

January 23, 2012

I was angry all day today.  I decided to go back to school so I can finish my degree in Exercise science with a concentration in jumping through hoops.  CSUS is a terrible school.  Myself along with thousands of other people are not going to get into classes we need this semester so that we can continue to waste more money on future semesters.  I was going to get drunk and write a rant on how much I hate that god forsaken waste of space.  But I thought about it.  And you know what?  I’m better than that.  Besides, I’ve wasted enough time and money on that giant clusterfuck.  There’s no way I’m going to let it intrude on something that I actually enjoy doing.  I will say this though:  There is always time to train.  If you’re working full-time and going to school full-time, you can still train full-time.  Just watch me.  I’m going to do it out of spite.


Most of my day was devoted to the pointless attempt to add classes that actually counted towards my major.  Me and like 50 other people.  For each class.  So needless to say, after a busy day of getting fucked by the CSU system and shuttling back and forth between work and school.  I wasn’t setting myself up for a good workout.  This week is going to be hectic because I’m scrambling to add classes.  So I may be on a one a day schedule at least until the end of the week if not the entire semester.  2 a days are only useful if you have a rest period in between.  If there is no rest period, you might as well not step into the gym a 2nd time.  But who knows, I’ve done it before and I’m not sure what my final schedule will actually be.  2 a days may still be possible.

I chose to do the lifts first because I knew I would only get one session in.  I’ll have to decide after this week what my training schedule will actually look like.

Snatch: worked up to 120 doing snatch, hang snatch.  It actually felt pretty good.  Finished off with hang snatch for sets of 3 working up to 110.

Cleans: 150 went up relatively easily.  The squats are working!  Too bad I’m going to start the volume and squat-centric training all over again for at least another 8 weeks.

F. Squats: 3×8 at 130 no belt.  Although, a man my size probably shouldn’t be bragging about squatting anything less than 180 with no belt.  It actually felt pretty good.  Considering I was backsquatting 140 for 3×10 a month and a half ago, I would consider this progress.

Many human flagpole attempts.  Game on.


Walked in the gym feeling awesome, even after another day of being shit on by CSUS.

Power snatched 110.  Almost had 120 but sunk down into the hole.  Same story with 140 power clean.


Back squat:  no belt 3×3 at 190.

Deficit snatch:  120.  2×5 pulls at 125.

Flag practice.  Come at me bro.


snatch:  my pull felt awesome.  but my legs were tired.  hit a really nice 120.

Clean and squat jerk:  Squat jerked for funzies today.  Belted up and hit 90, 110, 120, 130 and then clarked 140.  Discarded belt and worked up again, making 140.  It surprised me.

Then more flag practice.  Come at me, bro.


3 Responses to “Workouts: 1/23-1/28.”

  1. Chris said

    Hey ben. I’m just curious as to what Squat Program you actually use.

  2. Joshua Cline said

    you just have to get used to it again. I struggle at the begining of each new semester to figure out when I will be able to train, and I train in my garage. It is a little harder when you have to go to the gym. Its just about the routine.

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