I Swear I’m Not A Tool.

January 24, 2012

Good day Sacramento came to my gym today while I was working.  At 5:30 this morning.  At first I was like, “Yo, let me work!”  Literally, I was working.  But then Ol’ Brown Thunder decided to give the camera some love.

Watch me work HERE.  

If you just watched that, you might have realized that I may in fact be the most awkward person to appear on local morning news.  I’m such a dork.  “Thanks, I work out.”  Nice one, Ben.  Had I more time, I might have said something funny like, “Oh this ol’ thing?”  or “SUP. Ben.”  After which I would have gestured the news anchor to feel my forearms.

I hope you were entertained.

9 Responses to “I Swear I’m Not A Tool.”

  1. Daniel said

    Hahah dude she was fine! Did you pull the number before she left?

  2. KevO said


    BRO. Hilarious. Nice spin, but I wish you were way douchier. Should have paid her a compliment back, eh? eh?

  3. sirdejavu said

    This made my day. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  4. Rob said

    Haha, you come across as such a charmer dude

  5. Ahahaha!! Ben, I think she was after you! You won 3 of the 5 compliment cards….nice guns, nice ASSets, and then chased down again for nice pecks…..you must have not been wearing shoes that day!!!

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