Sincere Post.

January 27, 2012

CC and I are traveling to Itasca, Illinois tomorrow.  She’ll be competing in her first ever national meet and I’ll be coaching at my first ever national meet.  It’ll be a big weekend for both of us.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.  Yes, you.  Whether you bought a shirt, donated, read the site, left an encouraging message, made me cookies, whether you did all of that or you did none of that, thank you.  Either way, you’re here and you’re contributing to the mission.

When I was 18, I discovered weightlifting.  November of 2005 I entered my first meet, snatching 77kg. and clean and jerking 106kg.  Shortly after that, I decided that it would be cool if I trained for the mother fucking Olympics.  I know better now.  But you know what?  The mission is still the same: do whatever I think is important, no matter what the cost.  7 years later, weightlifting hasn’t gotten me anything except for the fact that I have a sweet ass job, a blog, funny stories and big legs.  I’m still the same idiot kid who wanted to go to the Olympics, but now I have years of experience under my belt.  All I want to do now is snatch 150+, clean 180+ and win a national meet (and I’ll do it too).  So I train with intensity of a starry eyed, ignorant kid.  And I coach like the same kid but after years of doing it wrong, I can coach it right.  Funny how that works.  Lifting makes me happy.  That won’t always be the case, but as long as I’m living in pursuit of whatever speaks to me, I’ll feel like I’m doing what I was put on this earth to do.  I’m not content to just live, eat, make money, fuck, and die.  I gotta be in pursuit (of whatever).  I gotta get my white whale.

CC is going to lift like a champ this weekend and I couldn’t be more proud.

Also.  To everyone whom I’m working on art projects for, sorry for the delay.  Last week and especially this week have been crazy.  I’ll be sure to take my tardiness into account when I set my commission.  Thanks for your patience.

5 Responses to “Sincere Post.”

  1. Terri with a heart over the "i" said

    Best of luck to you and CC this weekend.

  2. You are such an inspiration Ben! I know CC will be amazing this weekend and your heart will burst as you watch her succeed. You are a great coach, and I’m lucky enough to lift with you, get guidance from you, and learn from you.
    Don’t give up on that Olympic dream just yet! You are still young… At the 2008 Olympics, Dara Torres won three silver medals in swimming at 41 years old. 41 YEARS OLD! A sport where people typically retire in their mid-to-late 20’s!!!
    Have a great time this weekend! We’ll be watching a cheering for CC and you.

    • bclaridad said

      Thank you, Angela. I haven’t given up on anything, just shifted my goals for something more tangible. I firmly believe that you don’t have to be the greatest athelete in the world to win a National competition in American Weightlifting. The sport is just too small. So barring any major injury, a lot of work and a little bit of luck I really do believe that winning a national meet is attainable.

  3. Joshua Cline said

    You are literally like a brother from another mother. I have a Fucking moby dick inspired tattoo. White whale and all. Even though we have never met, I feel like I know you. Keep doin what u are doin broseefus. We appreciate it.

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