Good Technique Drill.

January 31, 2012

CC competed at the JR Nationals this weekend.  She placed 5th in her class, totaling 63/85.  I’m super proud.  More on that later.

She walked in the gym Monday afternoon after I had told her to take the week off and asked what she should work on.  I’m super proud.  I was fooling around that morning after my squats working on light, technical work and finally settled on a fun little drill that addresses most of my problems with my technique.

Check it out.

Basically, what we have here is:

1) A full clean with a nice, healthy pause at the knee to ensure proper position.

2) A squat press.  A friend of mine commented on how he liked the thruster and I, like an asshole, refuse to call it that as it is a made up name for a real exercise.  Another acceptable name could be “inefficient push-press.”  This is nice for those of us who let go of their grip on the bar to get some work in with a full grip to improve posture and rack position.  If you are out of place on this or  don’t at least have all your fingers underneath, you won’t be able to complete the movement.

3) 2 dips followed by a squat jerk.  I’ve started focusing on how important the dip position is only lately.  If you drive the bar inefficiently, then it will end up in the wrong place (either in front of you or behind you).  And the squat jerk is for some added flexibility/overhead work.  Really the only real reason to squat jerk is to prove that you can do them, but just as the saying goes “you can never be too strong,” you can also never be too flexible.

"1 dip drive, 2 dip drive, 3 dip drive! AH AH AH!"


One Response to “Good Technique Drill.”

  1. bill seitz said

    I’ve read that the reason to squat jerk (unless you plan to squat jerk in competition) is to work on the speed component for your foot-work. I have an old texas college book from 1997 for college-age oly. Anyway, they use the squat jerks and snatch balances in the Specialization phase. They break the training up into 3 parts. General phase (strength development), Specialization phase (taking that strength and turning it into speed/power) and Competition phase. They only prescribe the squat jerks/snatch balances during the Specialization phase. I dont do em, never was good at them, i have long arms and its hard to get under the bar and stay in balance. They are fun to do at commercial gyms….. people are like OMG! lmao

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