Getaway Sticks.

February 2, 2012

If this week has been any indication of how I’m going to live for the next few months, I’d better start working on my will now.  Because I’m most likely going to end myself by March.  Just kidding.  I don’t really own anything of worth anyways.  I actually realized that about a month ago when I was once again moving into a new place.  It took me like 10 minutes to move everything I own.  In fact, my two most valuable assets are firmly attached to my body; my LEGS.

Think about it like this:  If I were to add up all the hours spent making my legs stronger and then multiply that by minimum wage, I would be sitting on 2 large sums of money.  To be specific, I would would have achieved the status of becoming hood rich.  Maybe I would’ve even been able to lease an Escalade.  Money well spent.

But instead, I’ve got 2 legs, a bed, and a sweet ass record player.

To be honest, I'd take the record player over the Escalade any day.

Not posting workouts this week.  If I do anything interesting, I’ll post video.


9 Responses to “Getaway Sticks.”

  1. So I paid this guy to do my programming for my PL meet on May 5th. Well next week is my deload week. And he basically just doesnt want you to deadlift intensely or do an ass of unecessary benching. So my question for you Master Benbata. I want to train 4 days a week. And do a bunch of silly stuff. Excessive yoke and gun work is planned. But what would you suggest?

  2. Penn said

    Livin’ Bohemian Swole-sody

  3. I would also take a record player over an escalade any day. Wish I had a record player… I’m jealous.

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