Workouts: Week of 2/26

February 27, 2012


CC and I were unable to get a workout in on Saturday so we bumped it to Sunday.  This may or may not become a regular occurrence.

Back Squat:  5×5 at 180kg.

Push press: 3×3 at 100.

Monday AM:

Snatch from deficit:  doubles up to 120.  Missed my 2nd at 120.  Missed 130.

I tried out the new Klokov complex.  It’s pretty fun.  Up to 120 and then moved on to 2x pull, 1x clean at 130 for 2 sets.

Monday PM:

Snatch off the low blocks:  Doubles up to 120.  Missed the 2nd rep at 120.  Moved on to 130 and missed the 2nd rep as well.  Watch as Master Lee and CC offer me some encouragement.  “Everything you got!”

Cleans:  worked up to a few singles at 140.  One of the reps took me like 5 seconds to stand up with.  It was pretty funny at the time.

Later that night, I deadlifted with the 5PM class.  Last week I did a set of 3 at 220 with no belt with straps.  Tonight, I did 230 for 1 with a belt and straps.

I totally dropped the ball on posting my workouts for this week.  My bad.  Life outside the gym has been just a little bit hectic this past month or 3.

One Response to “Workouts: Week of 2/26”

  1. Ryan said

    Hey Ben,

    I got my first weightlifting meet coming up on the 10th. Just wondering if you could shoot me some tips/advice/reminders if its not a problem. Thanks.


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