My weightlifting videos are artsier than yours.

February 29, 2012

So over the course of the last 6 months or so, I’ve gathered a LOT of video of me failing while trying to PR my front squat.  I initially planned to have a FAIL video set to depressing or funny music.  Like THIS.  Or THIS. Possibly with some footage of me sitting all depressed and hating life or walking with my head down like Charlie Brown.  That would’ve given me many LOLz but would have required a bit more effort.  Instead I present to you THE ARTSIEST YOUTUBE WEIGHTLIFTING VIDEO EVER.  Watch. And let me pull at your heart strings.

I included some footage of some of my training partners to help reiterate the overall theme.  I love this song.

6 Responses to “My weightlifting videos are artsier than yours.”

  1. But, my videos have more dancing in them!

  2. Vincent P said

    Gonna watch the vid, what do u film with?

  3. TRMay said

    Lovin’ this my man.

  4. Gregor said

    i will write a post about it on my german blog.


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