March 1, 2012

I front squatted 215 tonight.

Time to chug a beer.

I attribute my sudden onset of squatting strength to a number of different factors:

1)  The 8 weeks (give or take) of squatting my face off with no belt.  I hit the wall for another 2 or 3 weeks after that and then I’ve been feeling better and better since.

2)  Diet.  Lots of eggs, veggies, sweet potatoes, meat, pizza, Musclemilk Collegiate, sandwiches, milk, V8 and water.  And the occasional High Life and/or tallboy of PBR.

3) Stress.  I walk around angry all day.  I take it to the gym.  I listen to metal.

4)  Stretching.   K-Star IS my home boy.

5)  Homies.  Good training partners make for good motivation.

I feel pretty good about all this.  I’m so close to my F. Squat goal of 220.

5 Responses to ““HEATING UP.””

  1. Terri with a heart over the "i" said

    Congrats man

    My basic advice to anyone trying to get jacked/swole/yammed/etc. is to eat as many sweet potatoes as possible – I may have to augment my advice, to sweet potatoes and tallboys

  2. Zapata said

    +1 for the NBA Jams reference.

  3. Daniel said

    “Use the boost to get through”
    -Peppy Hare

  4. gumbo said

    You da bawss.

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