March 11, 2012

CC and I are traveling to Fullerton this weekend for a local weightlifting meet.  Should be pretty fun.  I’ve only done a few meets in SoCal . . . But I’ve done HELLA meets in the bay area.  Seriously though, it should be fun if only for a change in scenery.

So in preparation for next weekend, we decided  to do a small meet at HF headquarters today.

CC did her usual thing and broke some records.  Here’s her last attempt clean and jerk.  91kg. for another PWA JR record.

She ended up totaling 158kg.  Another PWA JR record.

PWA JR Record.

PWA JR Record.

OK.  I’m done.

I snatched a nice 130 and clean and jerked 160.  Dece.  I built some confidence for this upcoming weekend.  I’ll be looking for around a 300 total.  I got some video of today, but I don’t think it’s worth posting.

My new athlete, Derek has been training with me for about a month.  He came fresh out of the box with some pretty legit squatting power.   That being said, it’s pretty damn hard to get him to NOT power things when he gets jacked up for the big weights.  He totaled 85 and 105.  We’re still working on a few technical issues but I’m expecting some BIG numbers out of him pretty soon.

Funny Story:  

This is Derek’s first meet.  He learned of this meet on Friday (because I only learned of it on Friday).  He wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to compete because he’s only been training for a month and is right in the middle of a big squat program.  Friday night, he texted me, asking if he should still squat (7×5 at 296lbs.) on Saturday even if he decides to compete on Sunday.  Like a good coach, I forget to text him back and am mildly surprised to see him at weigh-ins, singlet in hand and equipped with his USAW registration.  I wait until he’s done weighing in and we go eat french toast.

Moral of the story: Squat?  Yes.  Compete?  Yes.  French toast?  Yes.

(I’ll upload the video tomorrow.  Sorry Derek!)

4 Responses to “Pre-Game.”

  1. Great job CC, Ben and Derek!

  2. Derek said

    Just wanted to say special thanks to Ben, CC, Sarah, and everyone else at Midtown for helping me reach this point in such a short amount of time.

    Looking forward to doing some work in the future.

  3. i might be watching the fullerton meet this weekend! would it be strange for me to walk up to you and say hi i know you because i read your blog?


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