March 25, 2012

So I know I have a blog and all that, but I don’t know anything about computers.  Or technology in general.  Proof?  Here’s a picture of my phone:

This particular model has a camera on it.

The running joke at my gym is to see who can talk the most shit about my phone.  I mean, REALLY?  It’s like I’m the asshole because I don’t have a smart phone.  I personally could find a lot more things about myself that would be better to poke fun at for the LOLZ; like the fact that I’m still working on my bachelors at 25.

Speaking of which.

I was at school the other day and took advantage of the free scanners that they have on campus (mine is broken along with my laptop) to upload some of my drawings that I’ve done lately.  But like I stated earlier, I know precisely ZERO about computers, so I had to have my photographer/artist friend, Kiny help me with the computer stuff.  Thanks, Kiny.

Anyway’s here’s a pin-up that I sketched the other day.

What? If you have a problem with scantily clad/naked women, then you have a problem with ART.

I’ve always been fascinated with pin-up art.  I mean, what’s not to like?  I did a little “research” and googled images of pin-up models or women that consider to be retro-beautiful and this is what I came up with.  I think I’ll call her, Persephone.


I received an e-mail the other day, asking why I only upload black and white images and if I’m experienced in any other mediums.  The short answer is this: because I’m lazy and because I’m broke.

My medium of choice is inkwash sometimes combined with watercolor.  But this requires time and money; two things that are always in short supply for me.  Also,  I have no way of scanning anything I do in color and having it look halfway decent.  Pens are cheap.  Paper is cheap.  And   pen and ink work can be done swiftly and on the go.  Scanning my work in black and white simplifies the process even more because black ink on white paper looks the best when you see only the absolute blacks against the pure white background.

Are you an artist on the go as well?  If so, how do you deal with your time/money constraints?  Do you use pens or ink?  Do you invest in fancy pens or prefer cheaper alternatives?

ArtWOD:  Imagine a pose.  Sketch the outline once in one minute, once again but in 5 minutes, and then finally a 3rd time but in pen with unlimited time.  See what you get.


10 Responses to “Persephone.”

  1. kiny mccarrick said

    I did a whole entire show once, 25 pieces, with gel pens and fine line sharpies on brown paper bag. I then adhered that to masonite, which is soooooo cheap, all in the desperation of being a struggling artist with a need for inventive framing, hanging. It turned out so great. Cheap is the way to go. Another friend paints on huge used window shades. It’s incredible. You know how expensive canvases would be. People don’t know, and they just think you’re inventive… You’re doing just fine Mr. Claridad…. 🙂

    Now let’s see more of that amazing art. Email them my way when you need help.

  2. I simply LOVE that piece! I draw in ink. Any black pen I can get my hands on works for me, but I definitely prefer a nice gel ink or roller ball pen that leaves dark, unforgiving lines. I really just love how unforgiving the pen is. I buy my sketchbooks at Barnes & Noble when they are on sale for $5-$8.

    I’ve been playing with colors lately, but only because I found an old pen set I forgot I had. Still works after about 6 years. Go figure.

    I definitely want to see more of your art!!!!

    • bclaridad said

      I didn’t know that you draw! Going to e-mail me something for national pin-up week?

      • I like to call it doodling. 🙂 Mostly because I don’t quite know how to draw actual real-life figures. I could try for a pin-up but it might turn into a geometric mess!

        Now I’m intrigued though… So I will probably try.

  3. Dont feel bad, I finished school at 25, and all I got was a stinken bachelors…7.5 years for most = Doctors/Lawyers

  4. Zapata said

    Good stuff man.

    I made my entire thesis show with scraps of wood and shit I got for free from the 3D lab/shop recycle bins combined with sign paint (one-shot) that I picked up at a garage sale.

    I’ve also made some life-sized paper-mache figures from brown gorcery bags – completely free.

    Pen and paper are always good standbys.

    Have you seen the Vik Muniz documentary “Waste Land”?

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