Kilos, My Friend.

March 27, 2012

I rarely deadlift.  I wouldn’t recommend including them often as a part of your routine if you are focusing on your Olympic lifts UNLESS #1) you are new to lifting and are trying to build up your general strength base, #2) like deadlifts.  I personally could take em’ or leave em’.  But a co-worker was talking shit to me the other day (OK, WE were talking shit to each other) about the upcoming tactical strength challenge being held at my work in a few weeks.  So I decided to do it.  I figured, it takes place after Collegiates and it could be nice for a little change of pace and to totally stick it to my co-worker.

Here’s a video of me hittin’ some deads after my workout yesterday.  I’m pretty sure this is the most I’ve ever done and I should be good for a little more if I add a belt.


I feel like a big guy like myself should at least be able to hit 6 hundo.  I might take these up once more before the competition to see what I got, but I’m still not too concerned about it.


Here’s some footage tonight.

That’s 2 hundred kilos, friend.  I’m really motivated to try and get that for a triple just so I can totally bury that landmark that I was stuck at for so long.


More pin-ups on the way.  I declare next week to be National Pin-Up Drawing Week.  I’m going to try and post one a day M-F (I may have to dig through the ol’ vault to see if I have some older pieces).  If you have any, feel free to e-mail them or post them to the comments section.

13 Responses to “Kilos, My Friend.”

  1. Gregor said

    Nice lifts Ben.

    You are lucky to even have co-workers that are into lifting.

    Where I work people are the antithesis of that. If I would start a conversation about picking up heavy things they would think i am from Mars or something.

  2. Chris said

    Ben, are those just tensor bandages on your knees??

  3. I ❤ deadlifts. So much less frustrating than snatches. True story.

    • bclaridad said

      True. But the greater the frustration, the greater the spoils.

    • bclaridad said

      Also, what say you about my mixed grip. WHAT SAY YOU?

      • I’m a fan. I recently pulled 140 kg with straps from a deficit, but I am stronger with a mixed grip than with straps. I can’t tell because of the bar, but is that your clean grip or a conventional deadlift grip in terms of hand width? Also, deficit pulls suck. For the record.

      • bclaridad said

        I got another critique from my padiwan lifter, Derek about my hand grip today. That’s just where I felt most comfortable. I may try to move it in next time for better pulling mechanics.

  4. Terri with a heart over the "i" said

    Beautiful front squats. Looks like you’re moving a lot faster than even your front squats (at a similar weight) a week or two ago.

    Would you attribute that to the increased frequency?

    • bclaridad said

      Actually, I’ve only been front squatting once a week lately. F. Squat on Tuesday and Back on Saturdays (lighter w more volume). I would say that it is most likely due to a decreased squatting volume after that period where I was focusing pretty much only on squatting. I’m sorry, I know this would be a situation that a posted training log would be helpful, but I’ve just been so busy lately. I figured better to post for entertainment value if anything at all.

  5. kecks said

    How do you like the new adidas shoe? How do they feel?

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