April 2, 2012

Here’s my first entry for NATIONAL PIN-UP DRAWING WEEK.  I wouldn’t classify this particular drawing as exclusively “pin-up” style per se, but the subject is female and she happens to be hot.

Artemis. She will kill you.

I’ve currently got one more drawn and ready to be scanned at school tomorrow and I’ve got a few more ideas floating around.  Please, if you care to participate, I encourage you to e-mail me a piece that you’ve drawn/painted/whatever.  If I get enough of them, I’ll post them on Friday and we’ll have a contest.  Winner gets nothing.  Sound fun?

10 Responses to “Artemis.”

  1. Penn said

    Cal Strength says they’re taking on new team members. Go on. Join.

  2. Willey said

    Does it have to be pinup? I’m garbage at drawing figures, but I love drawing in pen. I’m an architecture student, so I’m always sketching and need to do some perspective views this week anyways, so maybe I’ll send in something, but if you want just pinup then that’s a nope.

    • bclaridad said

      Umm I guess it doesn’t have to be a figure. Sexy architecture? I’m actually really curious to see what architecture students draw. PLEASE send something.

      • Willey said

        haha alright, will do. I’ll scan some of my plans and and perhaps make some perspective views in the next view days. I need to get better at shading with pen, so maybe you can give me some pointers afterwards.

        I love sketching and drawing, I just tend to do it more…rigid (?) and technical because of my schooling. It still is artistic, although in a more logical and organized way than freeform drawing would be.

  3. Kyle Kubler said

    I will get the Artwod and pin-up scanned by friday or my name isnt what it says I posted as…

  4. Um. Wow. Draw a sexeh young archer for me and name her Katniss! 😀 SQUEEEEEE!!!!

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