Cookie Monstah.

April 4, 2012

I know what you’re thinking.  “there’s no way that weightlifting deadbeat is going to upload a new drawing every day for 5 days.  That’s WAAAYYY too much work.”  Well, you’re right.  Actually, you’re only half right because I DO have some more rough sketches of possible poses.  I entertained the idea of attempting to rush to campus and scan those bad boys (bad girls).  I was going to post the rough pose tonight and then a cleaner, finished version tomorrow.  But I didn’t.  Just not enough time in the day I’m afraid.  So I figured I’d post something I was saving for Friday.  Something better.


Cookies. Sexy cookies.

I just happen to be friends with the most talented cookie decorator in Sacramento.  Jealous?

Yes, they’re already gone.  Cookies don’t last long around Ol’ Brown Thunder.  Anyways, more art to come.  I’m going to get at least more more good one out this week and I should have at least a few submissions for Friday.  So please, celebrate the first annual NATIONAL PIN-UP DRAWING WEEK with me.  Send in a submission.  Do it.  Do it now.

One Response to “Cookie Monstah.”

  1. sarah said

    So awesome. Yes. Jealous.

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