Have Fun.

April 4, 2012

Let me introduce you to Derek.

We’ve been working together for almost 2 months now.  He actually found me through my blog, we set up an e-mail correspondence and now I coach him.  When he comes in the morning, usually it’s just him and I.  I’ll go a little bit lighter and we’ll TRAIN TOGETHER.  When he comes in the afternoon, we TRAIN TOGETHER IN THE GROUP ENVIRONMENT.  Why?  Because that’s the best way.

Anyways,  Derek is awesome.  He takes the intensity and turns it up to an 11.  You can’t teach that.  Plus, he’s got big legs.  You . . . also can’t teach that.  As you watch the video, you’ll notice a couple of technical issues.  As Derek get’s into the heavier weights, he gets super intense and basically just throws the weights up for the snatch.  He’s also  got some mobility issues that we are working on resolving, so his overhead position is a bit compromised.  His clean “crashes” on him a bit and his jerk footwork, although fast, could be better.  Altogether, I believe that  Derek is on the right track as he begins his weightlifting journey.  I’m proud to be his coach.  And as his coach, it’s my job to guide him through the learning and adaptation process, which we see taking place here.

This is what it’s all about, folks.  Gettin’ AFTER it!  Breaking barriers and having fun.  I watched this video 3 times the other day before I left to train, not because it looks pretty (sorry Derek) but because it looked like a lot of fun.

Also, Derek requested the nickname, “Honeybadger.”  I told him it was already taken.  I’m sure I could think of something more creative.

10 Responses to “Have Fun.”

  1. Daniel said

    I love watching videos where people are really explosive with the lifts. Gets me in the mindset to fucking hustle under the bar. Ready for cleans tomorrow!

  2. Derek said

    When I was watching these videos off the camera, I was thinking, “Man, my form isn’t that terrible.” And I was right.

    It’s much worse…

    And I think Ben’s behind the camera commentary makes this video hilarious.

  3. strongerthanyesterday said

    Keep getting it man, I love the intensity and when you learn to harness it and explode at just the right time (oh yeah) you will be crushing kilos.

  4. Terri with a heart over the "i" said

    Possible alternate nicknames:

    Dickmaster General
    Tank Topson
    Gila monster
    “The Devil”

  5. Zapata said

    I’m usually more of a Clubber Lang, but I’ve been training with a group every Saturday for the past month doing strongman and I would have to agree now that group training is the balls – even when it sometimes looks like a Bear Force One video.

  6. Wookie his nickname is now WOOKIE.

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