Professional Work Attire.

April 9, 2012

Just when you thought it was over.


Introducing the new line of professional work attire.  “LET ME WORK,” an ode to getting totally jacked beyond reason.  Here’s to finishing up your set no matter what.  Reckless? Yes.  Yoked? Yes.  Sleeves? No.  (I’m assuming that you rip the sleeves off of any shirt that you buy for me.  Perhaps a trap cut?)  I saved you the extra 5 minutes to tear off the sleeves by releasing a tank top version as well.  Ladies, stay tuned for some different shirt options.

Check out my store HERE. Buy a shirt so I can buy groceries this month.

Big thanks to my homie, Brian for the shirt design.

2 Responses to “Professional Work Attire.”

  1. TimmyMFg said

    Dude your freaking HUGE! AWESOME! What does your diet consist of?

    Also just bought the new shirt and Cuttin zombies…EPIC

    • bclaridad said

      Thanks dude. I eat a lot of eggs and whatever else I can afford. If I had to endorse a protein supplement, I’d say that Musclemilk Collegiate puts weight on, is great for recovery and is decently priced. And THANK YOU for buying a shirt! I hope you enjoy it and wear it to fancy occasions.

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