Get That Doughnut.

April 11, 2012

I have found my place amongst an exceptional group of people.  I thought this as I sat upon my stack of 20kg plates, looking at what I had created.  Actually, I suppose I didn’t really create anything.  WE created something.  We are a group, a team; and each of us makes his or her own contribution to the environment that we create.

I walked by Derek’s platform this morning and then stopped.  A red, a yellow, a green . . .120kg?  The last weight I saw him take was 105.  I looked up and he was already staring back at me, expecting me to tell him to take those god damn weights off and instead take a more reasonable jump.  I took about 2 seconds before responding.  I weighed out all the different factors a coach should:  15kg jump, that’s not a good decision.  5kg over his PR, not a good decision, he missed 105 once before he made it and even then it didn’t look all that good.  He’s front squatted 130 for a set of three but he’s still so new to the sport that his technique is still very raw.  2 seconds later I pointed at him and told him as intensely as I could, “Derek if you’re going to load it, you had better lift it.”  I didn’t start lifting weights so I could wear a tie and make good decisions and neither did Derek.  So I let him work.

He missed that 120 four times in a row.  Now everyone was watching.  “Derek, if you clean this weight, I’ll give you this doughnut.”  Cecily had brought me a couple doughnuts because I had a crappy workout the night before and got all emotional about it.  Nothing cheers up a fat kid better than doughnuts.  But I was willing to make the sacrifice in the name of progress.  Here is his fifth attempt.

Congratulations, Derek.  You got that doughnut.  I asked him if it was tasty.  He said, “it tastes like 120kg.”  Delicious indeed.


CC and I will be travelling to Louisiana this weekend for the National University Championship. Should be fun!

9 Responses to “Get That Doughnut.”

  1. ROCK ON DEREK!!!!! EEEEFFFFF I need to train with you guys…

    • bclaridad said

      I know! You should totally quit your job so you can come train. Totally worth it. Maybe we’ll try to arrange some group hours that more people can make come summertime.

      • Daniel said

        I want in on this too haha might come back to stockton for a week or two when school is out. Just started working on my jerks today so its time to step it up!

      • If you’re willing to pay me, I’ll totally quit my job! 🙂 Group sessions are awesome… kinda like, oh i dunno… the team we are supposed to have at the gym?!

    • Derek said

      Thanks Angela!

  2. Derek said

    Ideas for prizes on Friday…
    1. Food
    2. Booze
    3. …?

  3. Derek said

    I made a comment tonight that Ben was like Nick Fury, getting all the Avengers together.

    He said, “Fuck that. If I’m anyone, I’m Captain America.”

  4. doievenlift said

    Came into comments hoping for a song I.D……Realised I wasn’t wathcing a Klokov vid. Feels bad man. Nice pr though! Congrats!

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