May 24, 2012

Want to hear a joke?

I had to take down my “LET ME WORK” shirts due to copyright infringement.

You know you’re BIG TIME when you get threatened with a lawsuit.

That’s fine.  My only regret is that i didn’t have enough time to hold a “LET ME WORK” contest, where people send in awesome photos of themselves doing ridiculous things in their LET ME WORK shirts.

Other steps needed to make it BIG TIME:

1) Win a national weightlifting meet.

2) Get addicted to something.  Go to rehab.  Repeat.

3) Get on a reality TV show.

4) Release a few terrible hip-hop singles.  (Oh, wait.  Already did that one.)

5) Develop an interest in a cause that nobody cares about and then appear on a poorly produced TV spot advocating “protein awareness” or something along those lines.

6) Use the phrase, “along the lines of” in a sentence as much as possible.

7)  Get too BIG TIME to finish a list of 10 things, so I stop at 7.


OK, apparently I don’t have to take the shirt down.  Guess I’m not as BIG TIME as I thought.  Note to self: need to try harder to get sued. 

9 Responses to “BIG TIME.”

  1. Taylor said

    When are they gonna be back up? I wanna buy one before you get it big time, go ahead and get it get it big time.

  2. Ralston said

    Finally broke down and bought the shirt. Love the logo. Love the blog. Keep lifting. Keep writing.

  3. A lot of time for number 7.

    Are these to order online? I take it getting one to the UK is not an option Ben?

  4. Poya said

    This just means the contest needs to happen now.

  5. Casey S. said

    Any chance of some girls tanks?

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