Dead Lions.

May 29, 2012

“Pull the bar like your ripping the head off a god-damned lion.” – Donny Shankle

Yup.  It’s another blatant product placement post.  It’s a righteous one though because it’s not one that makes me any money.  Because everyone knows that making money is for squares.

I drew this.  Not Donny.  The shirt.  If you want to see my drawing of Donny, check out my gallery.

That’s not true.  I like money just as much as everybody else.  But you know what’s even cooler than money?  Cool stuff.  I for one, think it would be cool to see a bunch of people wearing shirts that have a drawing of mine on it.  But more than that, I am a Donny Shankle fan.  So if Donny Shankle comes up to me asking if I’d be interested in drawing a picture of Samson tearing off a head of a god-damned lion, I’m going to do my best to draw him a picture  of Samson tearing off the head of a god-damned lion.

Check out Donny’s online store HERE.  

Buy a shirt.  Support a hero.  Kill a lion.

And now, the obligatory Donny Shankle youtube video.

I’ve watched this video more times than I care to admit.

5 Responses to “Dead Lions.”

  1. Corey said

    The link to buy the shirt no longer works. Do you have any for sale or know where I could find one?

  2. Derek said

    I’d like to buy one if they’re released again. I also have a few friends that would be interested in buying it too.

  3. Derek said

    I’m not sure when they might be rereleased but I’d love to buy one of these shirts. I have a few friends that would be interested in purchasing ones too.

    • bclaridad said

      Hi Derek, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I’ve still got the original drawing floating around somewhere and I know I’ve got the image saved on my computer but I don’t plan on releasing it. I gave it to Donny way back in the day. I never imagined it would end up on socks and all that. If I ever do anything with it, I imagine myself and Donny should talk beforehand just so we’re both square. I know he’s using it for his gym’s logo which is cool. At this point, I’m just glad that people like it. Thanks for taking interest.

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