10 weeks.

June 4, 2012

Here’s the squat schedule for the next 10 weeks.  I’d like to remind you, this is NOT a squat program.  This is squats within a lifting program.  There is a big difference. I’ll write more later.  I’m tired.

Squats 2012 pt 1

(edit: I goofed and left out the week of the 22nd.  I just had them repeat the week of the 15th except instead of taking front squats to a maximum, they will just get a dece’ single in followed by a few lighter drop sets.)

Don’t like excel spreadsheets?  Here’s something more entertaining.

Here’s Max Aita tearing it up in the world of powerlifting.  He recently did a meet at my home base, Midtown Strength and Conditioning which also shares space with Team Supertraining.  God Damn, Max can squat.  He’s also a terrific coach for both weightlifting and powerlifting.

There.  Are you not entertained?

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