June 18, 2012

The Midtown Classic was a success.  I’m so proud of my team.  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported all 90 lifters.

I’m still putting together the video of all 5 of my lifters who competed.  So I’m going to go ahead and show you this.

That night over dinner, I was joking with my lifters about how I will always remember key, life-changing events that happen during the course of my existence.  I went on to list things like loosing my first tooth, getting my drivers licence . . . and CC clean and jerking 98kg.  We laughed.  A big thank you to Evelyn and Edgar Hernandez for making the drive with the rest of their team.  CC and Evelyn met back when we traveled to So-Cal for a local meet where they pushed each other to make some big lifts.  That happened again on Saturday.

I’d be counting attempts behind the table when I would get pushed in the shoulder.  A booming voice would say, “YOU WANNA GO, BRO?” To this, I would instinctively flare my lats (similar to how a cobra looks before it will strike) and engage in some friendly gaming that happens between coaches when choosing attempts.  In the end, it makes for a great environment for both lifters and gives coaches an opportunity to sharpen their skills on meet day.  It may be worthwhile for us to make the trip to the Cal State games, just so they can lift together again before CC goes to the American Open.

It was a different experience coaching 5 lifters at a meet instead of 1 or 2.  I couldn’t have done it without the help of one of my lifters, Sarah, who helped me count cards and coach our lifters.  She was especially helpful because we had multiple lifters during a session, 2 of which were lifting in their first meet.  Plus it was like 100+ degrees and ol’ Coach Ben got pretty tired with all the power walking he was doing back and forth from the warm up area to the table.  The plan is for everyone to become proficient in counting attempts for future meets, especially meets that I’m lifting in.  I’m so proud of every one of my lifters and I’m excited to get back on the platform myself.

Here’s Em pulling the bar like she’s pulling the head off a lion.

2 Responses to “Classic.”

  1. Wilmar said

    congrats on a successful meet, man. and i vote yes you guys should totally come down to state games. it’ll be a great meet!

  2. […] lifters at the Midtown Classic weightlifting meet at Midtown Strength and Conditioning and wrote a really good post on it. I know how it is to handle five people in a meet, and I know how it is to see them have […]

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