150kg. Hang snatch.

June 22, 2012

Wednesday afternoon I decided that the team would take up our hang snatches to a heavy single. After which, we would perform a few back off sets doing one snatch from the ground and one or two from the hang.  That morning, I had most of my lifters perform a drill where they would bring a bar to a 2 second pause at the knee, reverse the lift and perform a touch and go snatch from the floor to help them concentrate on pushing their knees back from the ground while keeping the bar close to their body.  I did some work with cleans off the blocks because my hip has been giving me issues while pulling from the floor.

Anyways, that afternoon came around and I was feeling pretty good.  Pretty damn good.  As a matter of fact, my entire attitude completely shifted from last week to this one.  I wanted to snatch 150.  THIS week.  Fuck it.  TODAY.  As I mentioned earlier, my hip has been giving me trouble while pulling from the floor and I was already making everyone else max out from the hang.  Sounds like I need to snatch 150 from the hang.

I turned to CC and said, “I’m about to be hella stupid” as I loaded two more 20kg. bumpers onto my bar after successfully getting 140.  4 tries later, I got it.

I finally got that bastard.

Sooo I guess the next step is to do it from the floor.  Then Get my 180.  Then do it in a meet.

Celebrate. Hard.

And then figure out what comes next.

3 Responses to “150kg. Hang snatch.”

  1. Poya said

    Id like to take a moment to explain why I was doing spirit fingers at the end of the video. I had trap slapped Ben right before the last attempt at CC’s request, so now I feel like my hands are good luck. In addition, it is a well established fact that spirit fingers is an acceptable celebration for all occasions. I hope that clears things up.

  2. […] Claridad, who recently had some nice Power Snatch & Push Press PRs, adds a 150kg Hang Snatch to […]

  3. Taylor said

    Fuck yeah dude. That’s big time. I’ll e-buy you a beer.

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