Mt. Trapmore.

July 6, 2012

Here is a test to see if your yoke is sufficient:

(I’m going to say this now. DO NOT DO THIS.  I AM A PROFESSIONAL.)

Place a barbell on your ample mounds of traps and then sit in a deep squat.  Initiate rotation using your traps like a second set of hands.  Complete a full 360 degree (Edit: 180 degrees.  So smart.) rotation and then stand up.  This is great for cocktail parties or making a good impression on first dates (provided you have enough room.)  If someone invades your air space, just say, “Careful, Bro.  You’re all up in my traposphere.”


5 Responses to “Mt. Trapmore.”

  1. jstadt7 said

    This amused me beyond what I thought possible.

  2. Powers Carmichael said

    Ben, I’m not a math genius, but that was 180 degree rotation. Still cool though.

  3. Daniel said

    Could not resist

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