Random Videos Post.

July 12, 2012

Yeah, I’ve been kind of out of it this week.  Haven’t wanted to write anything.  Here’s a bunch of random videos either from training or from our most recent meet.

Here is me cleaning 160 off the blocks for a set of 2:

I’ve been doing a lot of work off the blocks lately, mostly because my left hip has been giving me some issues while pulling from the floor.  I’m a fan of working off the blocks in general because it helps you get more work done than you would if you just pulled from the floor or from the hang all the time.  This is especially true for cleans.  In any case, I believe the extra work off the blocks is translating nicely to a better, more powerful pull.

Here is my 145 competition PR:

Here is some dece’ squatting from this week:

CC gets that 130kg. pretty easily on some pretty tired legs.  I can’t wait to see what she gets once I have her start using a belt.  John is my new 77kg. lifter.  I haven’t seen them but his current bests in the squat are 170FS/180BS.  Derek also indulges in three Flying Dutchmen. For those of you who don’t live in California and have access to In-N-Out, a Flying Dutchman is 2 burger patties and 2 pieces of cheese.  Yup.

5 Responses to “Random Videos Post.”

  1. Willey said

    130kg beltless? What the hell…

    Also, have you noticed training your girls any different from guys in terms of cueing them on lifts and teaching them mechanics? I started training a female friend lately and she tends to respond differently to cues differently than my male friends I train. Any tips or differences I should look out for?

    • bclaridad said

      Pretty much everyone I coach needs cues that are slightly different. I haven’t noticed any differences based specifically on sex.

      • Willey said

        Hm alright. The girl I’m training keeps having her arches collapse mid-squat, but her knees are extremely far out already because she’s so hypermobile (every guy i’ve trained will fix their foot when I have them push their knees out). She isn’t using a wide stance, nor are her feet pointed out far, so I don’t understand why it drops so much, and she doesn’t seem capable of pushing the weight to her feet.

  2. Alec said

    Cecily is damn strong. What bw is she?

    And yeah, I wish we had In-N-Out here on the east coast haha,

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