An Evening at Club Swole.

July 30, 2012


I feel very fortunate to be able to tell you that I am now the proud coach of nine weightlifters all of which I believe to be capable of competing at the national level in their respective age and weight categories.  This is a big change for me as I have always been accustomed to training with few partners or by myself for most of my weightlifting career.  But now I have my own team for which I’m responsible, each one of them making a unique contribution to the group dynamic.

What a crazy bunch.

I owe much to be able to say this to you now.  I owe a great deal to my bosses, Tara and Camilo for giving me such a great space to work with and for giving me the freedom needed to create a solid team training environment.  I owe every single coach that I’ve worked with for giving me a solid foundation for my sport and for passing down the knowledge needed to coach lifters of my own.  I also owe a great deal to Cecily (CC) for being the first athlete to trust me in coaching her as a full-time lifter.  Cecily, we’ve both grown as lifters in the past year and I want to thank you for pushing me to grow as a coach.  Thank you to my parents for your understanding but mostly your patience.

CC’s 98kg. Clean and jerk.

So here it is.  I’ve got a full team of lifters who will all go to national meets at some point in their career, all of whom invest in themselves every day with their efforts in the gym.  Having been in this sport for almost a decade, I know it requires even more than that if you plan to compete in national meets which are often halfway across the country.  It requires money!  So when Tara approached me with her idea for a team fundraiser, I was all for it.  I am notoriously terrible at planning anything, much less a fundraiser.  But with her masterminding the operation and my team working together I knew we would be able to pull it off.

The event is called, An Evening at Club Swole.  It’s going to be a casino night complete with gambling tables (for prizes), live music, food and drink.  It’s going to be a fancy affair; so fancy that I even bought pants.  Pants that fit.  Please, come and hang out.  It’s going to be a blast.  Tickets are twenty bucks.  See me, Tara or any one of my athletes for tickets.

I’ve been tempted by a few to wear a trap cut sport coat. It’s not off the table, but I think I may actually try to look nice.

And as always, the link to my personal travel fund is HERE.  The first person to donate over a hundred will have a new T-shirt design named after them (Like: CC special.  Get it?) and I’ll even send you one.

To health, passion and lifting weights.


4 Responses to “An Evening at Club Swole.”

  1. Willey said

    Damn. I’ll be down in SF the 11-16th for that study tour. If it was during that I would have been so down.

    Are knee sleeves worth buying at all? And if so, is there a certain point of training or weight they’re worth buying? I’ve always been tempted

    • Powers Carmichael said

      I own a pair from the 70’s that are awesome. They don’t really add anything in terms of performance, but its nice to keep your knees warm when you’re squatting / catching lifts all week (plus Washington is just cold in general). They pay for themselves since you’ll never have to replace them.

      • Willey said

        Hm I may have to invest in a pair then.

        Also, sorry about never showing up to your gym. I’ve been in Chelan almost every weekend. I may be able to this saturday, but I’m not sure because I tweaked my back today during my squat warmups, so it’ll depend how I feel later in the week. I don’t want to do anything other than super light squats and maybe some deadlifts/back extensions if it isn’t feeling a lot better tomorrow.

    • bclaridad said

      I feel like this deserves it’s own post. But in short, yes. Buy the original blue rehbands. The new ones are shitty. If you are cheap or want a little more support, buy some ace bandages. Nice ones. Not the ones you can buy in drug stores.

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