Squats 2012 part II.

August 6, 2012

A few of my athletes just competed at the 7th annual Tommy Kono.  I would say that this meet is usually the biggest local meet of the year in Nor-Cal and marks the 2nd half of our “weightlifting season” leading up to the American Open.  We had a very strong showing and I will post a write up soon (complete with photos and video).  This next week will be sort of a “freestyle” week where my lifters will individually work on their own deficiencies and sort of have fun in the gym.  After which, I have another 16 weeks of lifting generally planned out.  Very generally planned out.

Here is an excel spreadsheet mapping out our squats for the remainder of the year.  Just like last time, I’m not using any percentages as I am taking into account the various different factors that would affect my athletes performance on a rigid squat program (as well as myself).  Each person is different and can handle only so much overload without risking injury.  My main concern obviously is to keep us healthy but also that we are getting the same amount of tonnage with our squatting so I can generally have a good idea of how we are  going to feel on a week to week basis.  I’d like to re-iterate that this is NOT a squat program.  It is squats within an Olympic weightlifting program.  The difference is that my main concern is how much we can snatch and clean and jerk one time, not how much we can squat or front squat one time.  Ya dig?

Squats 2012 pt 2

I think this goes without saying, but just in case: You probably shouldn’t follow this if you are not on my team.  It wouldn’t really do you much good without having any frame of reference for how we train.  Like I said, that should go without saying.  But you never know where people get their info these days, especially when it comes to working out.


One Response to “Squats 2012 part II.”

  1. Daniel said

    This is legit man. Been really getting into programming since January to reach my personal goals and so far it’s been good. Took this summer off lifting because I never paid the rec center fee but I’ve been working on bodyweight movements and really getting my nutrition right. Currently weigh between 96 & 98 kilos, and still feel like I can clean 125. School is about to start up again so I will be back to front/back squats, pressing and cleans. Thinking about putting the jerks in the same workout as cleans now and getting my snatch up since I’ve only been focusing on cleans.
    The strength coach always said my form was great (even on maximal clean attemps), so thank you for teaching me when I came to midtown.
    How much do you weigh in that picture? You look mighty

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