Photos from the Kono.

August 7, 2012

So I was reviewing video from the Kono on my Flip camera today and I dropped it.  Now it won’t turn on.  So unless it magically starts working again (which it has done in the past) I will have lost all the video from the meet and recent training.  So for now, these will have to suffice.

Here’s Cam with a crowd pleasing, celebration smile after nailing his first 145 clean and jerk. This was a PR for him and he has been on a war path ever since.

“Sup, girl. Oh this? I’m just having myself a light workout. Want to watch Chigishev videos on youtube later?”

Here’s CC and Ariel receiving their medals.  Ariel isn’t actually my lifter but she does occasionally come and train with us on heavy Fridays.  I filled in as her coach for the day because her real coach, my friend Jacob, couldn’t be there.  I should note that CC broke a few more of her own PWA JR records in the snatch, clean and jerk and total with a 75/100.  She got called for a pressout on 78 and missed the jerk at 103 after a tough fight with the clean.

CC and Ariel.  Most likely discussing how great my biceps look in my black T-shirt.

Here’s Em receiving her medal from the one and only Tommy Kono.  Em’s mom competed that day and had a strong showing as well.

Em and Tommy Kono.  I think I have the exact same picture of myself from like 5 years ago.

Here’s my new superstar, Rae.  She has a background in Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.  A great athlete and a great coach as well.


Of the 5 lifters I coached that day, all 5 of them got first or second place medals.  All four girls ended up competing in the same session, which could have ended up as quite the debacle if i hadn’t had any help.  I wouldn’t have been able to correctly count attempts and warm them up properly if it weren’t for one of my lifters, Sarah.  Young coaches, it would behoove you to begin instructing some of your more advanced lifters on some of the finer points of counting attempts and properly warming up a lifter once you get more than a few athletes.  You may find yourself in a situation like this one or will need help warming up for your own meet in the future.  Also, I had a few more of my athletes and supporters from the gym to help load weights and speed up the communication from the table to the warm up room.

Big thanks to everyone that helped.  And big thanks to my new athlete, Will, for taking the sweet photos.

7 Responses to “Photos from the Kono.”

  1. Daniel said

    “Sup, girl. Oh this? I’m just having myself a light workout. Want to watch Chigishev videos on youtube later?”

  2. Mrk said

    Hey Ben,

    if you can find the time, I (and some others probably as well) would be very interested in the finer points of handling at a meet, like counting attempts and so on.

    Regards and keep up the great site!

    • bclaridad said

      Sure, I’ll give it my best shot. I’ve thought about writing a post on it in the past but I never got around to it because frankly I think it would be just too much writing. I don’t want you to think that counting attempts for lifters is hard or anything like that. The process is actually quite easy but it’s just hard to cover everything I think I need to and do it concisely. I’ll get on it. If you don’t see a post on it by Friday, it’s because I started it and didn’t finish.

  3. Nick said

    Rae is like my big sister. Take care of her well and keep up the great work over there; I’ll be following you guys until I get the chance to visit!

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