August 28, 2012

I’d like to present to you a couple links if you haven’t seen them already.

The first is an ARTICLE from Matt Foreman of Catalyst Athletics.

The second is a video interview of Dave Spitz, head coach and owner of California Strength.  He is one of the smartest people in our sport and I’m not sure why this video has such a low amount of hits.

Both of these people put a great deal of emphasis on environment. What are you doing to ensure that yours is the optimal training environment for you or your athletes?

2 Responses to “Environment.”

  1. Barry Kinsella said

    Hi Ben,

    It took me a while to actually convince Dave to do this interview with me, but i knew it would be good. He is a knowledgable and kind guy and he really knows what he is talking about. Glad to hear that you and your lifters are doing well in Sacramento and hello form Ireland.


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