Student Athletes.

September 5, 2012

A few words of advice from a notoriously bad student:

Be realistic about what goals you want to reach during the semester.

Be on time.  For both training and school.

Get some sleep.  Better to study until midnight and then get a few hours of rest then to study through the night and spoil both school and training.

Do your best.  It will be over soon enough.

At times, multi-tasking is appropriate.

Also, just because Thursday is College night, doesn’t mean you need to partake.

2 Responses to “Student Athletes.”

  1. Nick D. said

    I appreciate this advice. I want to have the balance of both in addition to sleep and friends, and it can be challenging at times. My current challenge is to balance the diversity/variance in my athletic activities; when should I swim? run? CrossFit? powerlift? Olympic lift? play frisbee? bike? etc. For now, I will just tackle my weaknesses and spend less time doing things that I’m decent at. I’m definitely open to advice on how often/when to do the above for a good balance!

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