Night of the Bandandits.

September 11, 2012

Way back in the day (like 2007-2008), a few of my lifting buddies and I did a meet in Venice Beach.  That’s right, ON Muscle Beach.  I mean, that’s a no brainer right? Pilgrimage to Muscle Beach to lift weights.  Mandatory.

The meet itself was pretty anti-climactic. Although, it was the first meet where I clean and jerked over 140 in competition and a few of the guys from American Weightlifting (Moser, Max, Dave and a Bulgarian dude) destroyed some pretty huge weights.  The real fun was before and after the contest.  The old gated work-out area was pretty much abandoned except for a creepy, boyish looking 90’s small dude who oiled himself up and paced around energetically in between sets of dumbbell step-ups. Kyle and I decided to cruise around the boardwalk area to see the sights.  After entering a few shops, I picked up a pre-cut half sweatshirt, a string-cut tank top and a headband.  Also mandatory.  Needless to say, I wore those items for the rest of the trip (and years later) and Kyle did the same.  Realizing that we were both wearing matching headbands, we decided to unite and start a super-secret sub-team known as “The Bandandits.”  And so, from that day forward, Kyle and I would don our decorative headbands or bandannas for every contest or heavy day for years to come.

But as we know, nothing lasts forever.  Eventually Kyle and I had to part ways and the era of the Bandandit was over . . . Until last Friday . . .

Bandanna on, 80kg. snatched.  Coincidence?

Young Emelie fights for PR’s with her camo bandanna.  Shut up about my voice cracking.

Rae jerks 86 with relative ease.  She always wears matching Lulu headbands so the only reasonable answer for her stellar performance was my frantic yelling.

United underneath a new banner, the spirit of The Bandandit lives on.  Wear yours today and feel the earth quiver ‘neath your Adidas.

This was the first of many themed Friday night workouts.  I honestly feel like it helped.  Other possible ideas: teams (like Cal Strength and Muscledriver), Red vs. Blue, 80’s, Gangngam Style, team tug-of-war, metal, Star Wars and The Avengers.

3 Responses to “Night of the Bandandits.”

  1. You know, brah, there’s a meet at Venice Beach in October… just sayin. 🙂

  2. Keith said

    Hey Ben, just wanna say that this blog and its associated videos is the reason why I’m planning on starting to train the Olympic lifts as soon as I’m finished getting some basic strength from the Starting Strength template. Thanks for all of the great material.

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